Daily Prompt: The problems of Launching

Crane Fly 27.09 (3)

This is a crane fly. This crane fly made a mistake, it flew into my kitchen. He or she was probably attracted by the light and was struggling to go places to probably find food. There was no opportunity to launch himself into a flight. “Look a crane fly” and so I decided to strike while the camera was hot and take few photos. My first attempts were not so good, but after attaching the zoom lens there was success. Poor little crane fly did not know which way to fly. In the meanwhile it has disappeared, so he must have been able to launch somewhere.

At the moment we are getting all sorts of strange visitors. As the dark days approach and the weather gets colder, they want to enter our comfortable home. However, I do not have a refuge station for lost insects and their attached fleas and other parasites.

We have many hedgehogs where I live, although I have never seen one. Now and again Mr. Swiss spots one on our porch in the late evenings outside, but as I do not venture outside when it is dark, and thus I have never seen one. Another problem is that he never has a camera when outside, so my hedgehog photo has not yet happened.

Yesterday evening Mr, Swiss appeared inside whilst I was on the computer and said I should grab my camera as fast as possible, in a whisper. He said he did not want to make any noise because there was a hedgehog on the step outside the kitchen and it would be the great opportunity for a photo and he did not want to scare him away. Unfortunately I was in the back room and until I gathered my walking stick and camera and moved to the other side of the appartmet, as fast as possible not coming into the question, he was gone again. I always thought hedgehogs were slow, but I am now even slower it seems. Another opportuntiy for my hedgehog photo misssed.

Of course launching is not only an animal thing. I never realised that as you get older launching yourself from a bed, even a chair, could have so many problems. In the good old days when the bones and muscles spoke to each other, your stood up with no problem. Leaving a bed was not a combination of rocking backwards and forwards until you got to the 90° position of the back as today. Some people can still do it, so good luck to them.

Today I  another one of those wonderful IOS updates from Apple was launched. It was only a little more than a week that we were rejoicing about the update IOS11 and now we already have an IOS11.1 to cure the mistakes in the first programme. Lauching is not always so easy it seems. I decided to get it behind me and spent at least 20 minutes refreshing my iPhone, my older iPad and my new iPad, but now it is all working again. I have never been the face that lauched a thousand ships, but now I am the golden oldie tht launches her “i” collection.

Plane 15.03.2017

We have take off.

Daily Prompt: The Problems of Launching

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The problems of Launching

  1. The temps have dropped some and supposedly will drop even more this evening. I feel almost energized, at least enough so I think I might make it out of the house and into the world!

    That was one interesting flying thingies.

    We will start to get mice, soon. It’s that time of year again.

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    • We seem to have all sorts of creatures moving at the moment and attempting to enter our home. In the evening there is always something strange flying around. Tabby is really having fun trying to catch them. We have to be careful that we get no livestock building a nest in our garden cupboard. We once had two mice that shredded the newspapers and lined their nest with them.
      I also manage much better with the cooler temperatures. Today I had things to do at home, but tomorrow it is again a shopping safari.


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