Photo Challenge: Windows

Renovation 17.05 (6)

Windows: What do you see through yours? My answer is “just don’t ask” because at the moment it can get very complicated. Over the past 6-7 months we have been under siege from various building tribes. They have bored, chiselled and scraped. They have removed stuff I did not even know we had, known as cladding, and replaced it again. We have been scraped, hammered and nailed. I have had the pleasure of watching the whole process with my camera (900 photos) so I have a selection. The present situation is scaffolding in front of my windows, front and back.

The photo shows Nino doing something to my wall. I do not know what it was, but it seemed he needed a mask to do it. Nino has now gone, his job is finished, but he stayed for many months. We are now being painted, and everyone is silently watching the paint drying. And then we will have peace – we hope.

Photo Challenge: Windows

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