Good Morning


The first sighting of an autumn tree opposite my appartment. It is an Amelanchier also known as shadbush and a few other names. It has a blue fruit which can be very messy when it falls from the tree. Apparently it is edible, but I have never tried it. And now we can get ready for the autumn colours in our area. I am really looking forward to a walk along the river with my camera. Since the longer days have begin to shrink, I have been a home girl. Now is the time to see what nature has to offer as something completely different.

M - Swan

My agent, Mr. Swiss, took a walk on Saturday afternoon along the river with his mobile phone and took a couple of shots on the way. The swans were still around and probably enjoying the last days of Summer. This has giving me inspiration and all being well I have planned a journey for tomorrow afternoon if it is not raining.

We have had nice sunny days lately although it seems quite cold., although yesterday it was a rainy day preventing our painters from completing their time table. You have to watch the paint drying when you are finished, and it does not dry when raining.

I have discovered that an advantage of MS is that you never feel as cold as the others. Whilst Mr. Swiss is wearing things like long sleeves and wrapping himself up when we go places, I am quite comfortable with a short sleeved t-shirt. The only reason I wear a light jacket when we go shopping is because it has a pocket for my mobile phone and keys. My trousers are unfortunately pocketless.  Of course I also have my shoulder bag, but I like to keep the phone handy in a pocket because of the camera for an instant photo.

Crow 26.9 (4)

The local crows are creeping up on us. It is that time of the year when they are telling me that it will soon be time to put out their daily food rations, as the local supply is going to an end. This seems to be the lookout, perched on the roof on the buildig opposite. Now and again I spread some bread pieces for them on the scaffolding surrounding our home, but they are fussy. They prefer the supply on the ground.

I at last finished my marathon book yesterday evening by Ken Follett, the third and currently last in the Kingsbridge series, “A Column of Fire” and what a book, I will definitely give that one 5 stars and I learned a lot about the social background of the mid 16th centuary. It seems that we have not really learned a lot since that time. It is no longer catholics agains the protestants, although Ireland is not really a good example. The protestant North and catholic South are still in disagreement today.  It seems to be Christians agains the rest and vice versa. Of course many of us are tolerant, but the world does not often reflect this tolerance.

My next book: Stephen King and “Dr. Sleep” a sort of sequel to The Shining. I have only just started, but it looks promising.

Why is it that when I write I forget stuff? Of course I know what book I am reading, but had to have a quick look in Internet to remember the name of the book. I am doing this more and more daily. I wonder what we golden oldies did before Internet, but we were then knitting and making sure that no stitches were dropped. Mr. Swiss says don’t worry, you are not alone.

It is Wednesday, the day the let us out to ransack the supermarket. Mr. Swiss has already made a sort of list, and I will probably make a few additions. Have fun and remember your computer needs you.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I lose words AS I am writing them. If I didn’t know that all of my peers have the same problem, I’d be sure I’m heading for serious dementia.

    We seem to have learned things and forgotten them again. We are a remarkable species … able to learn anything and shortly thereafter, unlearn it. It makes me wonder if we will ever really learn anything well enough to stick with it.

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    • I am reassured when Mr. Swiss tells me he has the same proble. What I forget he might remember and if we both forget, then we have to search internet. The problem is when we forget the name of a colleague because that is not in internet.
      Of course we have long term memories for what happened 40 or 50 years ago.


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