Daily Prompt: Life is one big coincidence

M - Swan

What a wonderful coincidence for Mr. Swiss. He does not often take long walks: golden oldie problems and all that. However, Last Saturday afternoon he decided to go down to the river. His only accessory was his mobile phone as this serves a double purpose. You can listen to music with it via earphones, and you can take photos.

I remained at home. I would have loved to go with him, but I had some housewify cooking to do, and I would have been stressed. He brought me back a few photos of swans. This was a coincidence. Whenever I want to take photos of our 1-200 swans that swim around on our local River Aar, they are always on the opposite bank. Mr. Swiss takes a walk and they form a parade for him on the side of the river where he is walking.

This afternoon I decided to risk a walk with the camera along the river, hoping for a coincidental swan meeting. Mr. Swiss was busy making an apple flan. You see, we have equal rights. It was his turn to stay at home in the kitchen, whilst I escaped. I was preparing to wear a jacket, but he said it was really warm outside. I decided to wear my three quarter length trousers in that case with a t-shirt. Since summer disappeared I had slipped into the longer trousers, but we have one of those so-called Indian summers at the moment, so I took the risk. It was the first time I had gone for a walk on my own for at least a month, but I had to get out and find food for my camera.

I arrived at the River and there were many swans, all on the other side of the river: typical. For Mr. Swiss they come swimming and for me they disappear. I eventually walked on, climbing the steps to the top, overlooking the river. I met four cows who were also enjoying the sun in front of the bench where I was sitting. Usually there is a bull amongst the cows, but he was not around. Perhaps he had done his job and is now entertaining another groups of cows.

I arrived home safely, although a little exhausted. I am not so good in the warmer weather and it was really very hot with the sun beating down. The appartment smelt of freshly baked apple flan, so we had both been busy.

Apple Flan

Daily Prompt: Life is one big Coicidence

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life is one big coincidence

  1. You’d be surprised with the kind of photos phones can take, especially when when you are least expecting it! And … the apple flan looks absolutely delectable. Congrats to Mr. Swiss!

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  2. There are strange coincidences. I happened to have seen and take photos of a grey heron that has settled in my city, three days in a row in different places. And the photographers of my newspaper are trying to find it to publish the news, without success.

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