Daily Prompt: Focussed for the second time


I thought you spelt “focused” with two “s” like focussed. Perhaps it has change in the last years, I am no longer as modern as I used to be. Being a 70 year old golden oldie, I get used to objects not being physically in focus. You wake up in the morning and you are looking at the world through a screen of fuzzy. As soon as I enter the normal world I grab my iPad on my bedside table. Usually Mr. Swiss has already stopped hugging his bed and reading his newspaper online to see if the world is still here. Yes, we are cyber golden oldies.

I grab the iPad and tune into my e-mails. Not that anyone actually writes me one. Today it is all done with the Facebook messenger. It is much quicker and my daily Alexander might be waiting for me. Since becoming a grandmother at the beginning of September my son keeps me informed of the progress of this new member of the Angloswiss dynasty.

My eyes have now begun to focus, although sometimes it seems there is a screen of tears covering them, and coupled with my glasses which are still bearing fingerprints from the day before, I am squinting at the iPad screen hoping to focus. The next stop is Facebook – you never know? And then onto WordPress reading comments and answering them. This is all pure action before the day actually begins. iPads are a wonderful invention. I can do it all from the bed and do not even have to rise. The actual focussing begins when I leave the bed, but I have a real concentrated action plan from the bed.

We have been concealed in plastic for two days, as our building is being painted. The final touches we hope,  before we will again  be able to lead a normal builder-free life. This afternoon I heard magic words about removing the plastic coccoon from the windows and there was suddenly a figure in front of the window, very much non-focussed. And then, lo and behold, we had touchdown.


This young man uncovered our window and said let there be light and there was light. Oh the wonders of the painters, releasing us from our out-of-focussed lives.

Of course I was impatient to tell you all about this excitement in my daily life, with illustrations. It was then I realised that my photo programme Flickr was also out of focus, since the early morning hours it seems. It was not possible to upload photos and use them from my 18,000 photos in Flickr to illustrate my great works of literature.

This time I gave up and switched off my computer(s). I had tried both my Apple computer and my Microsoft computer, but to no avail. On the other hand there is always an advantage to be found somewhere. I am reading a super book at the moment. “A Column of Fire” the third in the Kingsbridge cathederal series and was on page 850 of over 900 pages. I keep my reading for the evening otherwise I would do nothing all day except read, especially with such a super book as this is. I decided to spoil myself and focussed my attention on reading onwards, hoping to finish the book today. Of course an experienced golden oldie like myself is always focussed. I had my iPhone next to me and now and again had a look to see if Flickr had cured their problems. Bingo, after half an hour my photos were ready to be transmitted all over the world. Oh the pleasures of online life, even if it does not always work as it should.

And now with an hour’s delay I have again penned my  daily prompt. There must be more to life, but I am still searching.

Daily Prompt: Focussed for the second time

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Focussed for the second time

  1. Travelled used to have two “Ls” but now only has one. Fucussed like bussed had two Esses, but now only have one. I thought that was only American English. I guess it has spread across the pond.

    Who makes these decision? is there a double letterer going around our language decreeing which words get double letters and which lose one?

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    • I really got mixed up and had to check with Mr. Swiss. Although his mother tongue is German, actually Swiss German, he often has a better knowledge of the english language that I do. I really got mixed us here. Mr. Swiss said “focus” with one s and “focussed” with two s, so I am sticking to it.


    • My biggest problem is the “favour” or the “favor” and I know that is transatlantic, but my spell checker when I write on my iPad does everything american, although it is programmed for british english, or perhaps british english has now been infiltrated.


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