Share Your World – September 25, 2017

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Original Camera used

Photography – the walking part is just a necessary extra.

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

A passenger, although everyone keeps telling me I should drive more. Even my neurologist supports the idea. I just do not enjoy driving a car: too many changes to my normal road patterns. Once I get used to a certain route, they plant a new traffic light or stop sign and the fun is over for me.

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be?

The new iPhone X (ten) with 256 bytes or whatever, which is not yet on the market and would be too expensive for me in any case.

A wide angle lens for my camera

A cure for MS (but not only for me but everyone that has the illness)

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I am reading “A Column of Fire” the third Ken Follet book in his cathedral series. I am an atheist, but I must say the whole series is a page turner. Column of Fire was published a couple of weeks ago and has over 900 pages, I am now at page 850. I uploaded on my Kindle on the day of its release. Of course it is a story with various characters, but based on the actual facts of the middle of the 16th centuary, during the reign of Queen Elisabeth I of England. It has explained historical facts of the time through the events in the book very well. It is mainly catholic belief again protestant belief. I have realised things do not really change a lot in our time. We still have religious wars: the religions are different, but the reasons are the same. The conviction that a religion is the only right religion, with an abscence of tolerance towards other religions.

Share Your World – September 25, 2017

18 thoughts on “Share Your World – September 25, 2017

  1. Those are my three wishes too! Wide angle lens because I wish I had had one this weekend, the iPhoneX 256 because I keep running out of room for all my photos, and the MS cure for my hubby. Now, to go out and take more pictures!

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    • I never have photos on my phone because I have them all in Flickr, the Yahoo photo programme. I have the app on my mobile and iPad and they automatically upload into Flickr – they arrive private and I can make the necessary alterations afterwards. My No. 2 son said he has an extra chip for his phone for his many photos.
      As far as the MS cure is concerned, wouldn’t it be nice, but all we can do is slow the process down.
      The problem with the wide angle lends is I do not know which one and need help.

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  2. A cure for MS would be a very nice thing for a lot of us. Funny how many of us have it, in remission or no longer remitted. I had a bad week last few weeks with a lot of falling down, but I seem steadier this week, so maybe it’s slipping back into remission again. This is a difficult place to live with walking problems. Few smooth sidewalks and lots of bumpy ground and dirt paths. Make pretty pictures, but stumbly walking.

    I hardly drive either. I know I should and I do it when i must, but i don’t like it. I don’t remember routes — many of which have changed — and my confidence in controlling the car is reduced. There’s no legit reason why I can’t, though and I have been urged to do it more often. Maybe. I’m thinking about it!

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    • MS has its ups and downs. I said to my neurologist I don’t think I have ever had a relapse and he sort of looked at me amused and said “Oh yes, you have had many, but not noticed it” They only diagnosed my problem last year and everthing else was just a matter of aches and pains I suppose, although MS is not aches and pains, just exhaustion. I have better days and not so good days, but I survive. From time to time I have swallowing problems, but nothing dramatic. I have now got used to being careful when walking, and making the right decision which foot to put first when tackling stairs. I just have a wonky walk, although with the cane it is not so noticeable.
      I have often stopped and began with driving again, but now I have come to the conclusion that if I have to, I can drive. If I don’t have to, then all the better. I was never the gifted driver with gas in my blood, but it was all learning by doing and hoping.

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      • I have to think about walking. I even have to think about standing up and make sure I’ve got my feet under me. Sometimes, I find myself back on the sofa because I didn’t get the balance right. That’s better than the floor, though.

        The exhaustion is harder to cope with. I had a couple of weeks where I was SO tired, just making it into the kitchen to do something about dinner was a too much. I’m a bit better this week. It’s frustrating because I make plans to do something. Nothing big, mind you … just something. A walk in the park, a visit to the river or the falls. And when the time comes, I’m too tired to get myself up and out.

        At least I can see these days. For a while, i was seeing double all the time and that was REALLY inconvenient … especially since I was still driving.

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        • MS has many different faces. I find taking just five minutes on the bed helps me in between. My first symptoms were giddiness, but as my dad suffered from giddy problems from the ear, meniére, we thought it was due to that and I was even on tablets. This went on for at least 30 years until my doc said something was wrong somewhere (she was relatively new for me, because I changed my doctor) and after the scan it was clear that it was MS. Some days are better than others, but my case is not as serious as others. Walks longer than 30 minutes are not advisable, but I manage. I also have to think about it before standing, but I use my stick for support.


  3. Driving ROX! I have traveled by airplane only twice; two round trips, from San Jose to Los Angeles and back, and from San Jose to Portland and back. I only did it because I needed to get there fast. I really hate flying. It involves leaving the ground. Leaving the ground is bad. Leaving the ground is scary. I enjoy driving and stopping along the way, even though it takes a much longer time. The greatest thing I ever did for myself was driving to Oklahoma, mostly on the historic Route 66. I got to see Arizona, even if only briefly. Not many people understand that.

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    • When my dad was still alive I flew to London from Switzerland once a year to visit him. I don’t mind flying . It is all the bother at the airport with the passport control and waiting around that is annoying. If i have to drive I can, but i prefer to let my husband drive whilst I take photos from the car.


  4. I’m engrossed in Column of Fire too. I find it fascinating that the Catholic Protestant rivalry carried through until the 1950’s here in Oz. Now religion isn’t an issue overall it’s a live and let live, whatever rocks your boat mindset.

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