Mundane Monday Challenge #128: Tabby

Tabby 22.09 (2)

One of those photos in the right place at the right time. Tabby is 15 years old and took over when she was just a kitten of 8 weeks, with her big black furry sister Nera who has long gone to the eternal corn chambers, hunting mice.

Now Tabby is alone, she has her own blog, and is the star of my feline photos. At the moment our building is being renovated, and the ground outside is covered with a white plastic sheet to prevent any damage. The background seemed to compliment the photo, although it was more luck than judgement. And Tabby? She always likes to be the star.

Mundane Monday Challenge #128: Tabby

17 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #128: Tabby

    • The white plastic was a contribution from the builders to protect the tiles on the patio, and only a coincidence, One of those lucky shots that were not really planned.


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