Good Morning


Looks like it is going to be a pleasant day today, weatherwise. We have cloudless skies and the sun is rising slowly but surely. Shame that the scaffolding is still spoiling the view, but it will soon be gone – we hope.

New colour 22.09 (1)

This is what a half painted building looks like. The unpainted walls are our side, and the other wonderful walls with the pale green touch are the shape of things to come for us. It is a matter of taste: either you like green or you do not. I do not, but no-one really asked me, although my own fault. We gave up going to the meetings when the general opinion was that we are too old for such modern events. I love the 900 photos I have taken of the renovation, they remind me of a time in my life of a lost summer, socialising with builders and generally not being bored.

The painters are the last troop performing on our building. They are different to the rest, they make no noise whilst working, and we hear only their daily conversations about the state of their world. They also have other working hours. The renovating crew with the machines began the job at 7.00 a.m., but you heard their voices already at 6.30 a.m. Painters are late risers and they only open the pots of paint after 8.00 a.m. in the morning. However, the weather is apparently ideal for the paint job. They can quietly watch it drying whilst the sun is shining. It is quite cold, but no rain to wash away their artistic creations.

Yesterday was excitement in Europe. Germany had their elections. They still have Chancellor Angie Merkle, winning for the fourth time, but the govenment formula has changed. The rightwing party has gained ground, not so much, but they are there after many years. It is not a happy constellation, but it is the way of the world at the moment.

We also had voting in Switzerland – you didn’t know. Of course not, no-one interests themselves for a country somewhere in the middle of Europe with only eight million inhabitants and we vote so often it is no longer really notices. Of course it was not a national government choosing event. We were voting for a new design of the pension system. Being a direct democracy we all have our say. This new system, designed by the government, somehow got off on the wrong foot, so it was rejected and failed. I do not really interest myself so much for Swiss politics. It just happens, no speeches with strange hand signs, but a lot of technical details. If it had succeeeded there would have been two sorts of pensioners, those with 70 Swiss francs more than the others per month. I think this was what deterred many from putting a yes on their votes. However, who cares, it all went unnoticed in the history of the world.

By the way did you know in his younger days that Kim Jong Un, the rocket man of Korea, attended a Swiss school for some time. There are still some film traces around. It was probably all part of him learning that there are other countries in the world.

And now I have things to do. It was a late start today. I did not sleep very well and awoke later than usual. We were let out yesterday evening for dinner with jazz accompaniment in a local restaurant with friends. We realised that we are no longer cut out for such excitement and late evening meals. It was enjoyable, but a strain on the golden oldie system, with the result that I could not relax and have a good sleep.

Today will be a safari, hunting for food in the supermarket, so I must go places and do things with the vacuum cleaner. May you all have a good start to the week. Our local supermarket is waiting.

Road to Langendorf 22.09 (9)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • We don’t bother to go to the meetings.there is no point. The youngsters know it all, they think. I told the painter that a green base would be great, painting grass. They he could paint flowers and trees and at the top of the building a nice blue sky with clouds. He found it a good idea, but he said is a flat painter and not an artist. I suppose you cannot have everything.


    • We rarely go anywhere in the evening. You slow down with age. I don’t even bother with TV so much. Prefer reading a good book. I close down the computer during the evening, i have my iPad. I keep my eye on stuff that interests me and keeps my golden oldie brain occupied.

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