Good Morning


Looks like the cumulus clouds are gathering, meaning a sunny day which is gradually rising in the east. A litttle rain in between would be a good idea. We have already removed our hoses from the front and back garden so are hoping that things will not dry out too much.

Hedgehog remains

For some time we have had a night visitor. I have never seen him, but Mr. Swiss spots him now and again as he walks across our patio in the back garden only to disappear again. The only clue I have to his presence is the remainders of his re-cycling process. Mr. Swiss, growing up in the country, of course is nature man and recognises who this belongs to. We have a hedgehog that visits regularly. He probably stops for a drink of water, as we always have a bowl outside. It is mainly for our cat, but it has become a general drinking place for most of the animals living here.

I have never actually seen our hedgehog, only the traces. When No. 2 son lived at home, many moons ago, he had the habit of returning home in the early Sunday morning hours after a Saturday night excursion. He told me that he had to be careful where he was walking as there were hedgehogs everywhere. They are nocturnal animals and we never see one during the day.  I am waiting for the chance of a photo, but in the meanwhile I just have to make do with his digested food supply.


I have a few plants that I keep indoor during the colder months, and only have outside in the garden during the summer. One of these is my avocado which I planted a couple of years ago. I usually leave it to its own devices in Summer: As the weather is now getting colder it is indoors and I was astonished to see how well it has grown during the Summer. It is even now making small shoots at the base of the leaves. Perhaps one day I might have my first harvest – who knows? I have a second avocado which I planted last year, but that is still a junior. It is growing, but not as spectacular as this one. Yesterday I made one of my famous prawn-avocado salads. I now have a third avocado pit that I have placed in water. I just cannot throw them away.

And that is all the I have to offer for today, but Sunday was never really a day of excitement. This evening they are letting me and Mr. Swiss out for an evening meal with friends in a restaurant in the next village with musical accompaniment – colleagues of Mr. Swiss will be playing.

In the meanwhile I will be blogging around now and again and at last remove my Dodder plant to the furnaces of doom where it belongs, although it is still attempting to cling onto my basil (read all about it in the link).

Enjoy the day, relax and take it easy, our governments are looking after us.

Basil and dodder 18.09 (5)

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