Daily Prompt: Let’s Pamper


The last time I pampered myself was when I bought my walking stick. When the doc confirmed that I had MS, it was no big surprise. I just let him pamper me with about 3 different x-rays in the MRI scanner to arrive at this result, accompanied by deafening noise. He even threw in a lumber puncture for good measure. I could have told him myself, but did not want to destroy his experiemental works of art.

Walking was no longer like it used to be, my legs did not always do what I wanted them to, and so I organised a walking cane. I was looking for something with a silver skull at the end, but realised this would not be ideal for gripping with the hand and paying more than a thousand Swiss Francs would be a little too much.  I decided to go on-line to see what was on offer and settled for my nice colourful stick. I already had a stick, but it was brown with a cork handel, and nothing special to leave a lasting impact. Now when I enter the store all the golden oldies look in my direction. Do I see a glint of envy in their eyes?

Otherwise I only pamper myself with electronics, such as a new computer, or perhaps a new telephone, but I have everything I need. The new iPhone has arrived, although not yet ready to deliver. And who wants a new iPhone 8 when the super new iPhone X (Ten) is just around the corner. However, this too is not cheap and probably it wil remain on my bucket wish list.

Of course I am pampered daily at home by Mr. Swiss, and I pamper him. It is all part of the contract. And now I have nothing more to say on this subject, we are constantly pampering each other and ourselves. He helps me to get out of the chair and I help him to leave his chair – what could be better.

Daily Prompt: Let’s Pamper

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let’s Pamper

  1. I have to ask you: where did you get your walking stick and is it wood or aluminum … and is it adjustable? The time has come and I have started looking. Also, do you have a wrist sling on it so you don’t drop it? I think I need one with camera bags attached!

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    • Stockshop is where I ordered my stick, but it is in Germany. I have included the english spoken link. You probably have something similar in the States. You an also order them from Amazon in Germany that have a built in link to Stockshop, so you might be able to find something in your Amazon link. My stock is metal and is adjustable. I do not have a wrist sling, but have never needed one. The camera is a problem, but I have developed a system of having the camera around my shoulder and manipulating it with one hand. There are various devices for camera supports etc. but I like to have my camera in my hand. I can always hang my stick otherwise on a bush or a wall. Necessity if the mother of invention, especially when you are a golden oldie. I can no longer walk up or down stairs without a grip on one side and my stick in the other hand.

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      • Thank you. The wood ones are very attractive, but I like the adjustability of the metal ones. I get torn between the beautiful wood models … and the lightness and convenience of the modern ones. I think this time modern is going to be the winner. There were a lot of them on Amazon. I just got totally confused by what kind of handle, what material, what size. I think I need one of the short ones but adjustable sounds sensible to me! Thank you. I’ve been falling down too much. I’ve got scabby knees like a little kid, so it’s time to deal with this.


    • Sorry you are in a wheelchair. I manage within stick and My injections slow down the progression. I am in good medical care. My days of fashion are long gone, but that is also a problem with extra weight being in the wrong place and Sketcher shoes do the job nicely.


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