Flower of the Day: 23.09.2017 Thistle

Thistle 12.07 (1)

This one was growing wild in my garden. I must admit after taking the photo it no longer existed. I once let a thistle plant grow in my garden, but when it began to go into competition with my apple tree, I removed it after a lengthy battle with its roots and wearing gloves for protection.

Flower of the Day: 23.09.2017 Thistle

13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 23.09.2017 Thistle

  1. Growing up in New Jersey, thistles grew wild along with Queen Anne’s Lace–both considered weeds. Down here in Florida, I have yet to see a thistle. Such pretty flowers–they are not weeds to me.

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  2. It is a beautiful flower/photo. 🙂 The only thistles i have ever seen have been quite small (<3ft) at home in uk. If the Scots have them as their national flower they must love the cold! That may explain why i have not seen one where i now live in Aus. 🙂


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  3. ICK! They throw so many seeds! The horses won’t get near them. The deer that eat everything else won’t eat them. It is funny that so many people like them . . . but they are so pretty. When I was in school, I grew two types of thistles as cut flowers. They were weird, but I miss them now. Eryngium and Echinops. Castroville, which is about half an hour to the south, is the artichoke capital of the world.


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