Daily Prompt: The Irrelevency of growing old.

Clouds 22.09 (9)

Yesterday a plane flew overhead, which is irrelevant in itself because I no longer fly to places. Since my dad passed away last year in England I no longer have to go places. My british passport has become irrelevant. I have a Swiss identity card which also serves the purpose to prove I am who I am.

Of course I am entitled to a new passport – no problem. Just request the documentation from the British Embassy in Bern. The documents arrive from the Swiss Consulate in Geneva, because Bern does not deal with such trivial stuff as a new passport. You discover that your new passport must be biometric, it has become an e-passport. The passport now shows personal details on the last page with a chip and antenna visible on the observations page according to instructions on the UK guidance page for biometric passports. I have not  yet discovered why I need an antenna, perhaps E.T. (Angloswiss) can call home with it.

My last British passport expired 2 years ago and it used to be just a matter of signing on the dotted line and including a photo to replace it. Today, if I want a new passport I have to translate the instructions for taking the photo for the Swiss photographer in his studio as he does not understand or speak english as everything must be biometric. I have given up and who wants to go to England in any case. If I travel anywhere it is a neighbouring country by train and my Swiss identity card does the job nicely. The British passport is now irrelevant.

I now stay at home and take local walks in the countryside, although also not so much. I am waiting for the Autumn to arrive with all its colours, and then I will be out and about with the camera and my walking stick. That is another problem. Travelling far is no longer as simple as it was. I can do it of course, even with a walking stick. All those good looking guys in uniform at the airport are only too glad to help a golden oldie. That is, of course, relevant for me.

What more can I say on this subject, it has all become so irrelevant. So I leave you with one of my favourite songs sung in Swiss German by the group Taxi, “Campari Soda” telling of a flight when the passenger takes a Campari Soda on the plane. You will not understand the words, because they are singing in our Swiss German dialect. I understand it, and that is relevant. I just like the song. I hope you enjoy it all the same, even if few know what he is singing about. It is all so irrelevant I suppose.

Daily Prompt: The Irrelevancy of Growing Old

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Irrelevency of growing old.

  1. How funny; I just (had to do) did the reverse of you…. IF I want to continue to visit Devon, I had to renew my passport and ID. So far I was OK with my ID card but as I had both renewed at the same time 10 yrs ago, I now couldn’t just have a new ID made (which wd have helped me greatly). JUST for visiting our UK friends and with the blasted Brexit decision, I might have to show my passport again…. Cost of the two made out 2 weeks ago ~ €160.- !!!! But everything got done right in their office in Paris, photo, fingerprints. No further trouble – and a nice lunch in Paris for our trouble (paid by us of course…. – quand-même!).

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    • I only have the Swiss identity card, which I manage with OK. I had a Swiss passport once when we visited New York, but that was some years ago. My son just got a new identity card for his one month old son, which i valid for 5 years. Go figure – in 5 years I think he will look a little different than today, but the law is the law and he lives on the borders, so it is necessary. Don’t worry about Brexit, no-one else is and that could go 10 years until it happens. But I know the Brits have a thing about passports, which is why they still do not have the Identity Card.


  2. I couldn’t understand a word, but the video was beautiful to watch and the music was restful. I suppose it is more difficult to steal someone’s identity with that new fangled passport.

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    • The video is pure Swiss German dialect and was quite a hit here, but probably nowhere else. As I no longer go places far away, my passport days are finished. It is not so easy today to get one as it used to be and very complicated and expensive.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it. It is about someone on a plane drinking their capari soda, hearing the sound of the ventilator of the plane in the background and gradually drifting in the clouds. I find the atmosphere is very well done.


  3. I have an irrelevant Israeli passport. To be fair, no one chooses an Israeli passport over an American one. You can go a lot further on an American passport. Or … at least we used to be able to. The way things are going, who knows if that will still be true in a few more months? We’ll be lucky if we are allowed in anywhere!

    Lucky we aren’t planning on going anywhere, eh? Aside from the difficulties of airports and airplanes, flying has become such a pain, I can’t imagine doing it voluntarily anyway. Flying isn’t vacation time anymore. It’s just hard work with a lot of crazy people opening your bags and checking for weapons. Like … don’t I look like I’ve got a weapon on me somewhere?

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    • I am glad my traveling days are over. I don’t mind train journeys as long as the windows are clean enough to take photos.i just have to sort out which foot goes first when leaving the train on the carriage steps. Otherwise travelling is finished for me. I remember my words to my friend when I left London the last time after my dads funeral telling her that it would be my last trip to London.


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