Daily Prompt: The Trouble with the Leaf

Along the River Aare

Dr. Folium was ready for another day at the hospital, although he was tired. There was one emergency after the other daily, and he hated this time of the year.

“What is it nurse?”

“Another injured patient. It looks very serious.”

He approached the gurney and saw the battered and bruised body of a grey haired lady. They were the worst casualties, the elderly people. The had no defence against the leaf tyranny. They loved to view the Autumn colours of the trees. This lady was battered and bruised and even had a lump beginning to grow on her head.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I was taking a nice stroll in the woods, it was such lovely weather, and then it hit me.”

“What hit you exactly.”

“I think it was a leaf, even two or three. They attacked me. My arms and legs are full of bruises. Look at my head, that was from an oak tree. They are falling everywhere.”

“You should really avoid such places in Autumn, it can be very dangerous.”

“It’s true. Look, there is Joan, my neighbour. She is also looking quite battered.”

“Yes another one of our leaf casualties.”

“Hello Mavis, looks like you were also attacked.”

“Attacked? It was almost an assasination. The leaves all fell at once. They surrounded me and there was no escape. Doctor is there nothing we can do?”

“I would advise just staying inside until all the leaves have fallen. Even a single leaf can cause a serious injury. ”

Dr. Folium sighed, it happened year after year. Everyone is looking forward to the Autumn, but everything has its negative aspects. Luckily the schools had been closed at the end of August, and no children had been harmed up to now. No-one left their home without their car or dressed in protective clothing. Even the cars were suffering and all bearing dents from the falling leaves.

He would have liked to have taken some photos of the Autumn colours, but his camera was being repaired after being shattered by a leaf that was charging dowwards, released from its tree. The leaves were becoming unpredictable, destroying everything in their path.

In the meanwhile his patients were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a nice Autumn walk. In the background he could hear the sound of an electric saw as it was removing the tree in front of the hospital window. This had nothing to do with climate change, he was convinced. The trees were planning something and there was no escape. He removed his gloves and white overall and changed into his wellington boots and green apron, to do his part in the battle. He left the hospital building and entrered its garden and began to sweep the leaves together, before they rose again.

Leaf storm

Daily Prompt: The Trouble with the Leaf

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Trouble with the Leaf

  1. I’m afraid you tongue is now permanently stuck in your cheek. There is no hope of ever speaking correctly again. You will be like Stephen Hawking, having to speak through your computer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I look forward to a long tumble through the leaves. I’ll cope with the bumps and bruises. I just want that crunchy leafy scent 🙂

    Are you sure Tabby didn’t write that post? It sounds sort of Tabby-ish!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent…. love it!
    Reminds me of my time in Devon when we were ‘warned’ on Radio Devon that ‘trains are being delayed as there is a leaf on the tracks’ 😉

    We so far have hardly any leaves coming down, I’m astonished that in Switzie you have such a fall already….

    Liked by 1 person

    • We never got leaves on th London railway. It was more a garbage dump, with a few rats in between -nature pure.
      It is not yet Autumn here but just around the corner. The photos were from last year.

      Liked by 1 person

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