13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Layered

    • Mr. Swiss always looks on the bright side and say he doesn’t have to water the garden. Today was quite sunny, but cold. The photo was some time ago. I now have 900 photos from our building siege.


  1. Building woes! Grrrrr! I remember your posts about road construction. The country bypass that fronts my home is being turned into a four lane road. Across the street, they have torn down the trees and a sound wall is going in. Thankfully, we have trees left on our side of the street. Great photo for the challenge. I also love photos with rain.

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    • We have our own Appartement in a building, that is being renovated since six months. We still have the scaffolding. Thank goodness the building now only has to be painted, we have the chiseling and new cladding behind us. Our complete summer was stolen. I have been recording the work with my camera, now 900 photos.

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