Good Morning


I know that you are all waiting for the latest news report on the strange vine-like growths that have appeared on my basil outside on the porch. They are still growing and now hanging down. They seem to be searching for something, but we are not quite sure what. At the moment we are refraining from adding basil leaves to the tomato salad, at least not from this particular stalk. The question now is what will happen when the basil eventually dies due to the colder weather. Will this invader continue on its journey on our porch, will it engulf our newly painted surfaces on our appatment, or will it dwindle, disappearing to an unlnown place, only to return again next year in full force. I notice our cat Tabby makes a large detour around this plant when outside and hisses.


On a lighter note, our sedum in the garden is flowering and the colours are becoming quite intensive: not a bad colour for a normal cheaper iPhone 6 camera, however yesterday we got an update. Yes, we now all have the newest IOS 11 which is apparently necessary because of the new expensive, record breaking iPhone 8+++++ with all its benefits and Zeros after the price.  I am still thinking about how nice it would  be, but it will probably remain as a thought

However, I uploaded this new update to two iPads and my iPhone, to make sure I was missing nothing. On the way it asked me if I wanted to replace my entry code with a fingerprint. My answer was not. There are fingerprints all over my iPhone from constant swiping and it might get confused. I was also asked if I would make all the information on my iPhone available to the prying bytes of Apple, which I also answered in the negative. The whole process took about 40 minutes on two iPads and an iPhone and eventually I was finished. However, after a while I again got a suspicious “1” on my settings button on my iPhone/iPads in red. It reminded me again to confirm what I had installed, as if it could not believe that I was rejecting all its suggestions, and it was confirmed. Now I have peace and quiet. The photo programme has apparently been improved, although it is the same as before, just is a different way.

Today our government is voting for a new minister and I am getting regular reports on my “i” news stuff with the latest developments. We have 7 ministers and one is leaving, and so we must have a replacement. It is not so easy in a country speaking 3 main languages and an extra on on top and they like to keep a language balance. It has been some time since we had an Italian speaking minister, although the french speaking do not like to be ignored. I have not been following this thing intensely. I think there are three candidates. In any case there is an italian speaking one, so my bet would go on him. The politics have to be right, but so does the language it seems.

No 1 son has taken the day off as he will be going to the Rolling Stones concert in Zürich. He got his ticket some time ago. It is well organised as there is a coach company in town that takes the fans to the concert and brings them home afterwards. No. 1 son always visits the Stones concerts when in Switzerland.

Today I will again be staying at home, listening to the painters applying their brushes to our outside walls and in between watching the paint dry. Compared to the builders they are a ghostly appearance, as they are very quiet and dressed completely in white, except for a few paint stains.

I am now off to deal with other important work, we cannot sit on the computer all day, there are places to go and things to be seen, like the supermarket and its offer of food. Be kind to your computers and enjoy the day.

Clouds 18.09 (12)

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have viney type growths similar to whats on your basil on my rabbits foot fern. At least r.f.f. is not edible, but those vines are very curious. I have two pots that I inherited from my mom, and only one of them had these vines which were spread out attractively over the fern fronds.

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    • I have just heard from an online colleague that it resembles a fungus and could kill the host plant, so keep an eye on your fern fronds. My basil dies in any case when the colder weather arrives.


  2. The spidery vine like invader sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel/movie or from that old TV show The Twilight Zone. Tabby cat is right to be suspicious. Take care and keep a watch on this alien plant form.

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  3. We have a variety of vines that climb and tangle our plants, but nothing that looks like that. Ours all have leaves and range from huge (the wild grape vines) to very small (the wild honeysuckle) … but that stuff is strange. Tabby HISSED at it? That would make ME nervous too!

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    • The hiss was a bit of drama from me. After some suggestions it could be just plain old bindweed, convolvulus. If it had a flower I would have recognized it but it is just a winding vine stalk. I will wait and see which dies first, the vine or the basil.

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  4. I want to let you know that I found similar tendrils on my rabbits foot fern, and I just posted a very bad photo of it. There were many more all curling the way your photo showed, but I decided to neaten it up a few weeks ago. So, there are just a few tendrils left. Let me know if you think it is similar.


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