Daily Prompt: Being tentative

Spider 19.09.2017

Life was good for a change. No more battling daily for food, I have  found my land of crumbs and microbes. OK it was not the same as a parcel hanging in the web daily, full of protein, but who needs protein in the Winter. The main thing is to lay low, grow fat and find a place of peace and quiet where life continues.

So here I am suspended on a thread, a strong thread and taking a look around, although being tentative of my new surroundings – you never know. My first attempts were quite amateur just looking down on the world hanging about. Of course everything looks upside down from that point of view. It was then that I saw a human shape, she was also standing upside down, but I think it is all a point of perspective. In my world things can have various angles of existence: focussing eight eyes simultaneously is something that you have to learn.  So this human stood around, called another human, and there was a lot of ahms and ahs until she produced a machine which made a click. She seemed happy, something about a photo. I decided you could not eat a photo and she moved on. Again I got away with it, applying my charm.

In the meanwhile I had at last found my purpose in this new life with places full of food. So there I was hanging around and there was a close encounter of the second kind: before my eight eyes there stood a human. She did not seem to be very pleased at our meeting, although she was one of the tough humans, no scream or running away. I must say she was a brave one and remained where she was. I could have gone into the attack, but I keep my bites for edible goods, and a human is a size too much for a harmless, innocent, sweet spider like myself. I decided to retreat. As I was repositioning myself by means of thread transport, what did she do? She grabbed this strange object again and began to shoot (I think human word for taking photos, whatever they are). She called a second human to come and look, but I was already watching the ground beneath my body, everything being upside down again, not for me, but perhaps for the human.

I had now reached the entrance to my kingdom. It was a place of daylight and night according to how the humans applied it, something to do with an electric light I believe. In any case I was enclosed and no-one could see me: safe again, although now they know that I am still here. I decided to hang around in my web, unseen by all and to wait. There are times in this palace of food supplies, when the humans sleep and I go on my food journeys. Yes I am one of the lucky ones. My colleague outside is hovering and shivering and constantly rebuilding after the rain. Me? I am inside, in the land of plenty. Even the humans leave me alone.

Daily Prompt: Being tentative

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Being tentative

    • I just wishes I had take the photo when he was hanging down, but he was quick to do a retreat back up to the ceiling. I am sure it was the one I saw a week ago, but now he is much bigger, yes a healthy growing spider. I usually put them outside, but in Winter they prefer the warmth and food indoors.


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