Daily Prompt: Being tentative

Spider 19.09.2017

Life was good for a change. No more battling daily for food, I have  found my land of crumbs and microbes. OK it was not the same as a parcel hanging in the web daily, full of protein, but who needs protein in the Winter. The main thing is to lay low, grow fat and find a place of peace and quiet where life continues.

So here I am suspended on a thread, a strong thread and taking a look around, although being tentative of my new surroundings – you never know. My first attempts were quite amateur just looking down on the world hanging about. Of course everything looks upside down from that point of view. It was then that I saw a human shape, she was also standing upside down, but I think it is all a point of perspective. In my world things can have various angles of existence: focussing eight eyes simultaneously is something that you have to learn.  So this human stood around, called another human, and there was a lot of ahms and ahs until she produced a machine which made a click. She seemed happy, something about a photo. I decided you could not eat a photo and she moved on. Again I got away with it, applying my charm.

In the meanwhile I had at last found my purpose in this new life with places full of food. So there I was hanging around and there was a close encounter of the second kind: before my eight eyes there stood a human. She did not seem to be very pleased at our meeting, although she was one of the tough humans, no scream or running away. I must say she was a brave one and remained where she was. I could have gone into the attack, but I keep my bites for edible goods, and a human is a size too much for a harmless, innocent, sweet spider like myself. I decided to retreat. As I was repositioning myself by means of thread transport, what did she do? She grabbed this strange object again and began to shoot (I think human word for taking photos, whatever they are). She called a second human to come and look, but I was already watching the ground beneath my body, everything being upside down again, not for me, but perhaps for the human.

I had now reached the entrance to my kingdom. It was a place of daylight and night according to how the humans applied it, something to do with an electric light I believe. In any case I was enclosed and no-one could see me: safe again, although now they know that I am still here. I decided to hang around in my web, unseen by all and to wait. There are times in this palace of food supplies, when the humans sleep and I go on my food journeys. Yes I am one of the lucky ones. My colleague outside is hovering and shivering and constantly rebuilding after the rain. Me? I am inside, in the land of plenty. Even the humans leave me alone.

Daily Prompt: Being tentative

Good Morning


This is the current state of our hedge, if you can call it a hedge. Since at least 4-5 months it has been left to do what it wants to and so we called the gardner last week as Mr. and Mrs. Angloswiss are not longer as fit as they were and cutting hedges is no longer possible.

Today the gardner arrived and they are busy with their hedge cutters in the back and front garden. We live in Switzerland and it is an unwritten law that hedges must be hedges otherwise the neighbours will begin to talk. Our garden is also looking a little neglected, but with builders trampling everywhere it is difficult to make a prognosis. The lawn is not what it used to be, but there is no point doing thing in Autumn. We will have to wait for the Spring.

There is a gardner involved in the renovation work and it is decreed that he will bring everything back to its original state before the builders arrived with their destruction programme, although I very much doubt it. He cut down a privet bush because it was obstructing the builders path, he completely destroyed one of my flower beds and removed a hosta bed. Miracles no longer happen in my part of the world so I have no great expectations. At least my own gardener knows what to do.

Basil 18.09 (5)

I showed a photo of the strange growth on my basil plant yesterday. I have now taken some more photos and naturally asked the gardner what he thought. He confirmed he has never seen anything like it and it has nothing to do with the basil plant, but probably grew out of the earth. He says it must be some sort of creeping plant. It is all very mysterious. I looked to the sky buy found no strange lights or comets, perhaps it is all in the imagination.

Clouds 18.09 (8)

Yesterday we went on our normal shopping trip and I noticed some strange cloud formations. There are signs – strange growths on a basil and clouds that are forming strange shapes.

And now I must move on. There is a guy standing outside in a cloak with a hood hiding his face,  with a scythe in his hand and I do not think he belongs to the gardening team.

Enjoy the day, I will not – I should clean the bathroom which is not my favourite housework.

See you around.

Road to Langendorf 18.09 (13)