Flower of the Day: 18.09.2017 Tansy

Tansy 09.07 (1)

One of the less spectacular plants which you will probably see growing by the railway lines and not so much in a garden, but quite beneficial for the soil. That was the reason I went on a quest to find some. There was a stall on our local Saturday morning market where all sorts of herbaceous plants could be bought. The stall holder had no tansy on the stall, but said it would be no problem. He took my address and after the market closed he called by with a few tansy plants. This was many years ago and since it returns every year in the garden.

Flower of the Day: 18.09.2017 Tansy

Share Your World – September 18, 2017

Complete this sentence: I want to learn more about …

how to complete a Swiss Income Tax Form. Mr. Swiss always does it, although he also now gives it to an accountant to do it for us as it does not get easier as time goes past. And if he finds it complicated, I find it an impossibility. Every year the same time.

On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep?

Our Hotel Room in Marrakesh
A real bed with a duvet and normal pillow. In Marrakesh,  Morocco they had a sort of roll for the head, which was most uncomfortable, although we were supplied with a small cushion. Otherwise the hotel was perfect.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I do not do extravagance. If I cannot afford it I do not buy it. As a golden oldie I have given up with being a follower of fashion, as the fashion that I can wear no longer exists. I have not worn a dress or skirt for many years. The only delights I treasure are a new computer, iPad or mobile phone. Unfortunately Apple have now drawn a line to my enjoyments by introducing their new iPhone 8 for ?,000 dollars, swiss francs, or pounds. One way or the other there are three zeros after the first number and it is full of stupid gimmicks which are unnecessary and unwanted. If you want the good camera on your mobile telephone you have to buy the more expensive iPhone 8X. That would be an extravagance, because I simply do not have the money to spend on such an expensive phone.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

I love reading, and spend most evenings reading my current book. I have my favourite authors and book series, but cannot read the same thing one after the other. I have to have a change. At last the newest book from Ken Follett in his cathedral series was published and on the same day I uploaded my copy on my Kindle “A Column of Fire”. I am not disappointed and have my nose stuck in this book every evening. I love books with good story lines and the longer the better. This one has over 900 pages. I never realised how much war and problems arose between the catholics and the protestants in the middle ages. I am slowly getting to the part where catholic France rose again the Huguenot protestants. There was much bloodshed and it particularly interests me because my ancestors on my mothers side were immigrants from France, Hugunot that fled from France to England via Germany. Our family once bore the surname of Camroux from my great grandmother.

Share Your World – September 18, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Glorious Things in Life

This song came to my mind. I love it. What could be better than glorious mud.

Of course,  the exodus of a group of builders surrounding my living quarters would be glorious. We might even form a corridor for them, clapping and singing as they go. They leave no mud, just glorius dirt and grime and windows that I seem to be cleaning like painting the Forth Bridge in Scotland. As soon as you are finished you can begin again.

However their days are counted. I had a strange experience today in my after lunch sleep. Just as my head touched the pillow the attack began with the concrete cutting machine somewhere along the path, but I defeated them, I slept. The only problem was that this machine incorporated itself into my sleep. Two minutes of grinding, a deathly silence, and then the sound of builder’s boots climbing the scaffolding outside the window carrying the sawn off tile. I slept for almost two hours, but this sound was ever present in my dream. Unfortunately I cannot remember what exactly happened in my dream, but the machine continued to cut and the builder was continuously marching up the stairs.

Stone Balcony Tile

And now seated at my computer, looking for glorious things, I noticed this wonderful tile perched in front of the window. It is a sample of the new very expensive tiles that are being replaced on the balconies above. Even we common people on the ground floor were offered the opportunity to have them replace our old mould stained square tiles that you can see in this photo. Of course for an extra surcharge in price. I believe one neighbour decided to accept, but we found that when you become golden oldies, you can spend the money on better things, like a nice new walking stick.

We are now confronted with a problem. This tile is propped up in the garden, neglected and forgotten. I did hear the worker talking to is co-worker and asking what to do with the tile that was left, Whether to return it or put it somewhere. I did not hear the answer from the boss, but it has now probably been left in our garden. Perhaps they might forget it, who knows. Mr. Swiss and I are keeping an eye on the situation. If it is forgotten forever we will put it in our cellar together with the useful extra long screws that also belong to our glorious building trophies. These things might come in useful, in the famous words of my departed dad. He had a collection of stuff that might come in useful.

Daily Prompt: The Glorius Things in Life

Good Morning

Morning Sky

And another day breaks over the tiny village of Feldbrunnen in Switzerland, illuminating the scaffolding and the vegetation. What daily excitement will occur today, what actions will take place. In the distance the noise of an electric saw can be heard – are they sharpening the guillotine once again? And suddently three men appeared on the edge of the garden: all were looking upwards. One was dressed in white, the uniform of the builders, but no, the builders have gone, moved on to their next victims. I was watching from a safe place in the kitchen, half hidden by my computer. Suddently I saw one of them quickly glance in my direction, but turned his head again. He did not want me to notice that I was under observation.

I was debating whether to approach them with the words “take me to your leader” as I had never seen these particular examples up to now. Could they be the painting team, organising where to begin? The leader was the man that was pointing his fingers everywhere, upwards and directly ahead to our living quarters. I became suspicious. His sidekick had a hard board with paper clipped to it and was writing notes. Yes we were again under observation, they’re here, the poltergeists are amongst us again. Suddenly they moved on – the second phase begins.

In the meanwhle Mr. Swiss found it was about time that we got our permanent metal blinds back again. Will this never end?


In the meanwhile strange things are happening to my  basil. It was a super arrival in the local supermarket. Instead of the normal small economy pots, it was a mega pot with a promising Summer harvest of basil leaves to garnish my tomato salads with the accompanying mozarella cheese, one our our favourites. It was ideal, however, even this basil became possessed, infiltrated with strange yellow strings growing from the top. They resemble economy sized lianas from a rain forest. Admittedly it rains now and again here, but I have never seen this before. If they were roots, they would grow downwards, but these are growing horizonatally, even upwards. Strange things are happening in our village this year. I decided to remove these curious growths, but changed my mind. Did I hear a scream as I tried to remove one of these yellow strands, and did I see the others now stretching in a combined movement in my direction. I decided to leave this plant alone. It is now outside. Last week three of my favourite builders suddently disappeared and have never been seen since.

Yes, there are strange things happening in Feldbrunnen.

In the meanwhile life goes on as usual. A journey to the supermarket this morning to replenish food supplies. We have decided on fried potatoes with the national Swiss sausage, a cervelat. I notice that brussel sprouts are again appearing after their summer interval. No. 1 son is working all day, and does not eat green vegetables, so here is our chance to make the most of the opportunity.

I must now move on, the vacuum cleaner is calling. Enjoy the day and beware of strange men in the garden and strange growths on your plants – you never know.

Garden Ornament 16.09.2017