Flower of the Day: 17.09.2017 Hollyhock

Hollyhock 09.07 (2)

Sometimes the flowers don’t make it as they should. This hollyhock battled its way to blossom, but there were problems on the way. Nobody is perfect, not even a flower, but it got there eventually, bruised and battered and arrived in my garden. It might even have left some seeds behind at the end of the day, who knows. We will see next year. 🙂

Flower of the Day: 17.09.2017 Hollyhock

Daily Prompt: The Deceptive Sting

The have got us again, the deception of the daily prompt, a re-ocurring Sting. Daily we wait in suspense for the thrill of writing our original words of wisdom to be read in the whole world.  There we are poised at our computers, keyboard ready for the attack, and nothing. We only see a “0” with no comments, nothing, de nada. Again we have been duped, mislead by the demons of the cyber world.

For those of us over the pond, the day has been ruined before it begain. This daily prompt arrives at the crack of dawn to enable the first wise words to be published for all to see in the Reader. What will the challenge be? Will we suceed before breakfast, or will it continue throughout the morning? So many hopes are dashed to byte dust before they can be realised.  We in Europe only have the pleasure of a Daily Prompt after a midday sleep and so the world holds its breath waiting for the words of the European public. Even Donald Trump witholds his Tweets on the Daily Prompt, waiting silently in the White House with his daily schemes of the day to be crossposted. Kim Il Jung must be patient with his next missile. What is the point when the efforts are ignored.

Daily Prompt

Again we have been duped, mislead by the giants of silicon valley, but we write. We will win and conquer this misguided “Sting” of the day. We have steps to get started, but where do we start and when do we start. We have no connection. Write a new post and our words remain unseen, unread, hovering somewhere between a super computer brain in Silicon Valley. Are they still playing their poker game, using our grid for stakes? I with 81 other misguided bloggers have decided to like this daily prompt, our icons can be seen on the front page, in the hope that the 0 Responses will transform until the evening and our writings will be shown for all to marvel and let us soar in the statistics of Word Press, being No. 1 on the list of the most admired and popular blogs of the day.

But is this a scam, a mere Sting. Are the cyber gods just hoping for a full house, and we are the eternal losers?  We must unite bloggers and fight this scheme and call their bluff. If no-one goes to the game, they will have to revise their tactics and it will be us with the full house, perhaps even a bloggers flush.   Write your blogs, write them and prove that we will not be beaten. We will triumph with our stinging blogs and flood the screen with our pingbacks, overwhelming the grid with our efforts and not be conquered by a mere “0”.

We have been there before, we know how this can hurt, but we will triumph. Make your blogging voice heard and let it be on the Reader for all to see and recognise. I wonder if the guys at WordPress are Paul Newman and Robert Redford lookalikes.

Daily Prompt: The Deceptive Sting

Good Morning

Misty Morning

It is a misty one this morning – cold and damp in the air. We are now approaching the Autumn days in our part of the country. The river Aar runs through it, just down the path, and is the cause of the whole show. I even found a frame on the new photo app in Flickr: nothing spectacular, but I found grey suited the scenery.

In the meanwhile I seem to have nothing better to do than watch the flies. At this time of year they are having their last fling, at least these two were.

Two flies 16.09 (1)

At first I thought it was a mega monster fly sitting on my window pane. I decided on a photo and when I got closer I noticed it was two flies. They were just maintaing the species I suppose, but for an hour? They certainly take things seriously, but I suppose when the result is a 100 babies, you have to think these things over carefully. Of course I could have ended the fun by one clean swat, as the swatter was on my desk. On the other hand I did not have the heart, but I will probably pay for this when the brood arrives next Spring.

Canna 16.09 (1)

I took a walk into my front garden yesterday to see if there was anything new. I do not often go out on this side of the appartment, as there is scaffolding blocking my path from the window, but I ventured out the main door and took the turning to the garden. My canna was not flowering in abundance this year, but I noticed for some time that one of them in a large pot had produced a flower, wlthough it was already diminishing. I still have some asters that are ready to flower, as well as my rudbeckia laciniata which are the mega sized black eyed susans. They are all in bud and I am hoping the cold does not get them before they produce their flowers. Everything is slowly going to an end in the garden. Next week the hedges will be cut for the last time this year. Living in Switzerland you have to keep it nice and neat, the neighbours might complain.

And now to move on. Sunday is a day of rest, unless you are a housewife, but it is all part of the game and life would be boring if you just sat on the computer all day or read a book (on your kindle of course).

Enjoy the day, make the most of it, and if you see a nuclear missile passing over your head, don’t blame it on Donald Trump, because he doesn’t know how to stop them either, although he might try it with a Tweet.

Misty Morning