Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

Web 15.10 (10)

A spider does not really have a choice. I know some of us scream, hide in a corner and call the man of the house to kill it. I just take a photo, providing that it does not run away and hide from the two legged beast that is following it through a camera lens. The web was empty, and it had rained, so the itsy bitsy spider was probably lurking somewhere near to save its life from the water bombs showering from the sky.

Yes, to a spider rain is an attack on its home, on its life. It must be similar to be trapped under a waterfall with no way of excape, or you can just run and hide under some sort of shelter. After the deluge the spider returns to its home to find – nothing. Yes, the web has been destroyed and so it is forced to recreate its web: to spin for a time until everything is perfect. Of course the spider needs food and now hopes that an unsuspecting fly will send out its vibrations when caught in the web. I watched a small cartoon video today of the spiders web shaking the threads after a fly had been trapped. It was assumed that the spider reacts to the tremors in its home and knows that dinner is served.

Renovation 22.05 (9)

The same thing happened to our web 5 months ago, although humans do not spin webs, they build. Buildings are not built forever. At least they used to be in the days of Christopher Wren the great english architect. Even the cathedral in our local town of Solothurn, built under the watchful eyes of Pisoni,  is still standing. These buildings have never been destroyed by rain and the people did not have to hide somewhere under a roof to protect themselves. They were built to last in the good old days. Today they are still built to last, but somewhere someone has a dream. Let us recreate, rebuild. The norms of the buildings have changed, and we can do it much better.

For this reason it was decided our building would be recreated. It would be stripped of the 20 year old isolation, the roof would be recreated with new reinforcements and everything would be new and strong, according to the new norms. Spiders do not have norms, their basic architecture has remained for millions of years. Some shook their heads in despair, even those that understand the building trade. Why repair it when it is not broken. The spider only repairs the web when it is torn, but his rebuild takes perhaps only a few hours. He does not stop for a break or take a rest for his weary 8 legs, he continues until the job is done.

Humans have rules and regulations and there will be half an hour peace during the morning and an hour at lunch time for the midday meal. There will even be a rest on the seventh day (reminds you of something?), no on the sixth and seventh day, even that is subject to new rules and regulations.

Eventually a new recreationed building arises, and we all pay the costs, divided equally of course. The spider works for nothing, just for the reward of a freshly trapped flying insect for his lunch, after all we eat to live.

Do you hear the spider buildings its web? Of course not, he hangs on a thread and weaves. The builders use drills and chisels and hammers and even electric saws to cut through stone. When the work is finished we all have a new home and perhaps a hearing problem. The spider has its web and the humans a newly recreated building. Perhaps humans are a faulty design, who knows?

Road to Langendorf 15.09 (18)
Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

    • No the humans do that. I just took a photo of two flies on my window pane. I had plenty of time for the photo, one was sitting on the other one for at least an hour. I did not have the heart to kill them, what a way to go.


  1. Great post. However given the choice of living unsheltered and simply and sheltered and complexly… I go complex, noisy and yes sometimes inconvenient. Glad you are getting your peace back, I also don’t understand redoing things just for the work to do it. If it is not broken and it is working, why fix it? Hugs

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    • That is what we golden oldies, the one with life’s experience, tried to tell the young new things with the brilliant ideas. It is all so unnecessary. I have lost a summer of my remaining life, and who knows how long that will be, although I have managed the first 70 years. Of course we are sheltered, we live in the land of milk and honey and social security, because we have paid for it all our lives. If you want to live on the street it is your choice.

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      • I agree. I often see office buildings and older mall sites here in Florida abandoned and new ones built for no reason it seems except the new office building or new mall is newer. Go figure. So we end up with all these older buildings just slowly decaying, while large money is going to build a newer one just like the old one next door. Hugs

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  2. Interesting comparison between the web and your building. It’s really annoying that had taken away your summer. Time is so precious! I hope the workers will finfish soon

    If the thing wasn’t necessary.

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    • As you get older time goes so quickly and a summer means a lot. There is still a month to go until everything is finished. It has really been a summer of discontent to quote Shakespear.

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