Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

Web 15.10 (10)

A spider does not really have a choice. I know some of us scream, hide in a corner and call the man of the house to kill it. I just take a photo, providing that it does not run away and hide from the two legged beast that is following it through a camera lens. The web was empty, and it had rained, so the itsy bitsy spider was probably lurking somewhere near to save its life from the water bombs showering from the sky.

Yes, to a spider rain is an attack on its home, on its life. It must be similar to be trapped under a waterfall with no way of excape, or you can just run and hide under some sort of shelter. After the deluge the spider returns to its home to find – nothing. Yes, the web has been destroyed and so it is forced to recreate its web: to spin for a time until everything is perfect. Of course the spider needs food and now hopes that an unsuspecting fly will send out its vibrations when caught in the web. I watched a small cartoon video today of the spiders web shaking the threads after a fly had been trapped. It was assumed that the spider reacts to the tremors in its home and knows that dinner is served.

Renovation 22.05 (9)

The same thing happened to our web 5 months ago, although humans do not spin webs, they build. Buildings are not built forever. At least they used to be in the days of Christopher Wren the great english architect. Even the cathedral in our local town of Solothurn, built under the watchful eyes of Pisoni,  is still standing. These buildings have never been destroyed by rain and the people did not have to hide somewhere under a roof to protect themselves. They were built to last in the good old days. Today they are still built to last, but somewhere someone has a dream. Let us recreate, rebuild. The norms of the buildings have changed, and we can do it much better.

For this reason it was decided our building would be recreated. It would be stripped of the 20 year old isolation, the roof would be recreated with new reinforcements and everything would be new and strong, according to the new norms. Spiders do not have norms, their basic architecture has remained for millions of years. Some shook their heads in despair, even those that understand the building trade. Why repair it when it is not broken. The spider only repairs the web when it is torn, but his rebuild takes perhaps only a few hours. He does not stop for a break or take a rest for his weary 8 legs, he continues until the job is done.

Humans have rules and regulations and there will be half an hour peace during the morning and an hour at lunch time for the midday meal. There will even be a rest on the seventh day (reminds you of something?), no on the sixth and seventh day, even that is subject to new rules and regulations.

Eventually a new recreationed building arises, and we all pay the costs, divided equally of course. The spider works for nothing, just for the reward of a freshly trapped flying insect for his lunch, after all we eat to live.

Do you hear the spider buildings its web? Of course not, he hangs on a thread and weaves. The builders use drills and chisels and hammers and even electric saws to cut through stone. When the work is finished we all have a new home and perhaps a hearing problem. The spider has its web and the humans a newly recreated building. Perhaps humans are a faulty design, who knows?

Road to Langendorf 15.09 (18)
Daily Prompt: Continously Recreating

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Today we have a mixture outside. Will it rain or will we get some sun: one thing is certain, it will be colder than usual. This morning we had 5°C outside. I have began to rescue my outside plants from the cold and gradually shifting them to warmer winter quarters inside.

The sun now seems to be rising, when I look out the kitchen window through the scaffolding, so who knows.

Morning Sun

What will we do today? I have no idea. It will be a quiet morning, just a bit of hoovering and organising. Mr. Swiss tells me why bother every day with the same cleaning actions, because nothing is really dirty. He is right, but it is all in the mind. If I do nothing, I get restless, and when I do it I feel satisfied and happy – silly isn’t it. If I plan to go somewhere and do something completely different, it does not bother me, I like a change of routine. If I am at home I like to complete my usual cleaning actions – I even feel good about it afterwards. I never really go anywhere special. I used to take camera walks, but the days are getting shorter and it already begins to darken towards 7.00 in the evening. There is always a computer to break up the monotony, and otherwise I read my current book.

I am 200 pages into the 900 page megabook by Ken Follet, the third and last up to now of the cathederal books, “A Column of Fire”. Perhaps it is because I had already read the first two books of the series that it is interesting for me. I do not really bother with religion, but the historical facts incorporated in the book are interesting. I have already uploaded my next book. Amazon told me of a Stephen King sequel to The Shining, It is “Dr. Sleep” and features the now adult boy in the first book, with some added Shining thrills, so I will be busy for the next month.

Road to Langendorf 15.09 (4)

We were again on the road yesterday on the way to the supermarket, with me shooting photos on the way. Our Autumn fair in the town of Solothurn is now taking shape. The idea was born 39 years ago when we had the first Exhibion. Since it happens every year in Autumn, a showcase for the local business organisations. They begin to build the tents already in September. I used to visit regularly, but now tend to avoid such large congregations of people. There is also evening entertainment, mainly for the younger generation. My No. 1 son often disappears in the evening to visit the HESO as we call it (abbreviation for Herbstmesse Solothurn – Autumn Fair in english).


The firebugs are still demolishing the seed capsules of my hibiscus in the garden. They are everywhere at the moment, probably getting in their Winter supplies for the big freeze. They are always the first to appear in Spring and the last to go in Autumn. They do not seem to do any damage in the garden, and their favourite food seems to be seeds, so I let them get on with it. There are still a few spiders hanging around. The scaffolding seems to be ideal for building a web, but they will also soon be gone. As we left the garage yesterday I notice the leaves were thinking of falling, not very many, but there will be more.

Road to Langendorf 15.09 (2)

Enjoy the day and if it is raining, do not slip on the leaves, or if you are in southern hemisphere, beware of falling coconuts.