Daily Prompt: Difficult Choices


They were having a special highlight on mushrooms in the local supermarket. To illustrate their advantages they had a culture ready to see. I found it very original, as you saw the growing thing. A large box of earth and mushrooms, actually the sort we call champignons, growing in real life: an education for the kids, but they were not interested. It was only a golden oldie like me that took a photo. You could smell the earthy flavour from a distance and that’s all I have to say on this subject.

The word has not inspired me and  without the “u” in the spelling I had to think twice to discover what it was all about. Food has flavours otherwise we would not bother to choose something completely different to eat every day. It is the tast that attracts. If you do not like the food, it is because it does not have the right flavour. And then we get to the crux of the matter. Why is it that Mr. Swiss does not like everything I like. The opposite is also the case. He has a funny taste. How could he not like aubergine cooked as a vegetable on its own. He has to have it mixed with other veggies to hide the flavour more.

Our food life becomes boring when we only cook what we both like. This evening it will be soup and cheese cakes, although Mr. Swiss  would have preferred soup with various cooked sausages like Frankfurter or Wiener. I do not particularly like them. They are cooked in hot water and usually eaten with soup with a generous dollop of mustard on them and perhaps folded in a soft pappy bread roll. That is why we met in the middle, stayed with the soup, but decided on cheese cakes that we both prefer, at least I do. And so the week-end food plan continued as always: striking what he dislikes and what I will not eat. Eventually we are left with the usual, which seems to rotate every 3-4 weeks. Our food remains are flavoUrful but monotonous.

We do not even have a clash of taste because of our origins. I quite like Swiss food and he puts up with english food, although I very rarely cook english. And so our flavoUred life continues. Tomorrow it will be chicken in the evening. Now chickens are international, they are everywhere they all speak the same clucking languge,  after all it is not what you cook but the way that you cook it. My chicken will be covered in Dijon mustard, with a strong sprinkling of paprika and aromat. If you have a Swiss eating with you, there has to be Aromat somewhere. It is a yellow Swiss salty spice that is 200% glutamat and some flavour: very flavourful.

So en guete as we say in Switzerland before the meal. Whew, done another prompt again where I really did not know where to go with it.


Difficult Choices

Good Morning


Mr. Swiss always checks on the temperature in the early morning and tells me that it sank to 5°C during the night, so I am thinking time to keep my outdoor potted plants inside. My avocados and Poinsettia will otherwise begin to freeze. It was a difficult summer for them as my garden had to be replanned because of the building work, but they survived. I noticed that my canna is evening still flowering, although the horse chestnut tree in the large pot at the front of the photo has already lost its leaves for Autumn. That one will stay outside in the Winter snows as it is a tree. I planted it from a horse chestnut I found by the wayside. After about 14 years of growth it produced its first flower this year.

It is now strange in the morning not to hear the merry voices of the builders greeting each other as they make their way up the scaffolding to begin their daily work with their tools. They would walk past our garden and wave to say good morning. Both Mr. Swiss and I will not really miss them. It can now only get better and soon it will all be a thing of the past, leaving me with the memories on my 900 photos of the work they did.

Today is Friday, which means week-end shopping. After consultaton with Mr. Swiss, who was actually more interested in watching a TV film than actually making concrete suggestions, we have now compiled a list of food to buy and cook. Last week-end we had a golden oldie moment of despair when I opened the fridge to take out the pork chops and could not find them. Yes, again our system had failed. I thought Mr. Swiss had bought them as he is the expert of choosing pork chops, and he thought I had taken care of the job. So there I was trying to work out what to cook as there was no time to buy a replacement. However, when you have a paket of spaghetti, tins of tuna fish and pelati tomatoes, there is always a solution. As No. 1 son’s favourite is spaghetti, no matter how you dress it up, again my improvisation talent proved to be positive. We are now double checking everything and if you see a golden oldie couple standing in a quiet corner of the supermarket comparing notes on their smartphones, it will be us checking the shopping list on our cloud.

Yesterday there was an interesting programme on the TV about Tattoos which even made me stop reading my interesting book. It was mainly about the Japanese art of tattoing, although it seems Japan has fewer people with tattoos. However, it is compensated by those that allow their bodies to be transformed into pictures. The body is covered with designs in all colours. It is an old tradition handed from father to son. I actually thought about a tattoo once, but decided not to. With my luck there would probably be a complication of blood poisoning, so I left it.

And now to move on to enjoy the excitement of a week-end food shopping excursion with all its delights. See you around some time and enjoy the day.

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