Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid Shots

My candid shots are more luck than judgement, because I rarely do them. I feel I am intruding when I take one.

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (3)

I took this photo on my way in the car. The two men seem to be cleaning the road surface.

Road to Langendorf 30.08 (8)

I could not resist this shot – another one taken from the car.

Renovation 14.07 (1)

One of the building team in my front garden. I do not know what he was doing, but he was covered with a mask and strange machinery – he survived.

Me on the cable car
And here is an extra sneaky one of me taking a photo on the cable car. Mr. Swiss was the paparazzi.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid Shots

Daily Prompt: The Jabberwock’s Thorny Quest


It was Mrs. Jabberwock’s birthday and the Jabberwock took the path to the thorny vales. The Jabberwocky birthday delights were to be something special. He took his vorpal sword on the bumbly clongs to defend himself from the scritch flocks that might be on a quangle. It was a thorny quest he was chankling but Rosaplog, his wife, deserved all risks to be overcome for a floogle twig of her favourite choicty thorns.

The Jabberwock saw the quandle hovering on the edge of the flangy mire and lifted the vorps on the sword. He was feeling mimsy, but determined to conquer the floogles he might encounter. Plang, plonk, pling the sword blaged the thorns of the twingly mass and there were screams to be heard as the twiggy thorns were hacked from the mothering network. Floog was dripping on the borogroves with a drinkly halg. It was not an easy task to capture the thorns, but female Jabberwocks could be very blankle when they reached their birthday. The Jabberwock remembered the day when he first saw his wonkly female. She was plooging on a borogrove and did not notice him approach.

Oh, what beauty, her frims were so chinkle and he had never experienced such plongly plubs before. It was the moment when he knew his destiny had been sealed. He courted her with his glumpy woggles and they fell in love. They married in the borogroves on a mimsy day, as was grooged by their chumples. The klong was full or thorns everywhere, the marriage choogle of a Jabberwok. She looked wonderful in her thorny ploogs. A Jabberwock has a tough exterior and every twang and twing of the thorns was a delight to chowg. And now as he was blanging the thorns he was a happy Jabberwock.

He returned home and Mrs. Jabberwock had tears in her brams when she saw the thorns he had galumphed. She knew that it was not an easy task to vorp so many thorns with his blade. His clample was bristling with thorns, they were everywhere. Yes, it was on that day that Jabberwocky No. 5 was created. It was a thorny song they sang but they were now rejoicing. A Jabberwock life is often not easy, but if there were no thorns, there would be no plinkle for a chumble into the flangy mire and no No. 5 Jabberwock. The life of a Jabberwock is blishy and filled with choogles on its way, but the thorns of the Jabberwock life were cantankingly smooth on their way to family life. There is now a tum tum tree in the garden of the Jabberwock, decorated with thorns.

Rose hips

The Jabberwock’s Thorny Quest

Good Morning


And another day dawns on a small village somewhere in Switzerland. We have blue skies, some clouds and an icy wind that makes you glad to be inside with a nice cup of tea and something to eat for breakfast. Otherwise life goes on as usual, no not quite.

On Monday we had two builders that fixed the steps to the outside windows. They did have a problem because it seemed that the “How to do” instructions were missing and they were puzzled. They disappeared and  returned with a measure to get the size I assume. This operation often repeated itself throughout the morning, shaking their heads in between. In the afternon they returned again and now the steps have been attached with the help of magical builder’s glue. On Tuesday they returned to add some finishing touches and since they have not been seen. Mr. Swiss made a tour yesterday and confirmed that he saw two builders on the roof. They have now diappeared. It is a little disappointing that I will not longer seen my new friends. They have now drifted on to a new building site with new victims.

We are now left on our own, with just a skeleton of scaffolding. However, next week the team of painters will arrive, the Michelangelos and Picassos of the building world, but painting makes no noise. Reflecting on th odyssy of renovation, it seems we have overcome the worst. Even the stone cutting machine has been removed. Slowly we are getting our real life back again.

I am still trying to work out this new iPhone 8 thing. I have an iPhone 6, Mr. Swiss has an iPhone 7, because his 6 broke. After a lengthy scientific discussion with Mr. Swiss this morning he suggested that I get an iPhone 7 when I need a new one and not iPhone 8. Of course he is very wise. Apple are still selling the iPhone 7. On the other hand why buy an older model when you can get a new one. I do not need face recognition as I am sure when iPhone 8 studies my golden oldie contrours, it will perhaps explode or have a permanent blank screen. I never switch my phone off in any case, too complicated.

A telephone is bascially to contact people, but the only people I contact are my doctors and they are the only people that contact me. Most of my connections are done with the computer and the Facebook messenger system, which I also have on my telephone. I dont really need a new iPhone as the one I have functions well, but we all like to have something better. The only advantage I see with a new phone, even the iPhone 7, is that the camera has been improved. However, it is only the new iPhone 8 X that really has the super camera with all mod cons, but it does not do more than my handy Nikon D3300 camera which I always have handy. Of course 256 gb is something different to the 32 gb that I now have. I could upload apps to infinity. The conclusion is why am I bothering with these trivial details. It is all in the mind, clever psychology from the Apple insects.

They want to sell their new, wonderful, revolutionary telephone. You have the feeling you are missing out on something if you do not spend your one thousand francs on the most modern development. You see, a golden oldie has nothing better to do than study a new mobile phone possibility the she will not buy this year in any case. There is also a development with the iPad. I have a wonderful iPad, and it obeys all my commands. I have 256 gb, so what could possibly go wrong.

I should really go for camera walks to take my mind off these problems, but the days are gradually getting shorter and I do not know where to take my camera. I have registered everything in the area where I live and going to far places is not my thing.

Today is a relaxed day. I might clean a few windows. That is an advantage of waving goodbye to the builders. Life returns to normal and the windows no longer get dirty five minutes after cleaning them. We will soon have our metal blinds, probably next week, so life again returns to normal.

And now I am off to enjoy my day. May the weather be with you wherever you are.

Road to Langendorf 13.09 (22)