Daily Prompt: Flower penchanting

Migros Watering Trough 29.05.2017

I suppose you could say I have a penchant for taking photos of flowers, although I take photos everywhere and of everything. I suppose it all began with one of the challenges in WordPress, “Flower of the Day”, but this would mean 365 photos of flowers in the year and I do not have 365 different kinds of flowers in my garden. I doubt if the surrounding gardens in our village would supply me with a flower every day.

Where do you find the best flower selection? In the store of course. I visit the store three times a week and at the entrance there is the floral department, packed with examples of bouquets, cactus, orchids and all sort of strange flowers that do not even have a name. My favourites are the protea, which are certainly a relation of the triffid, although no-one has been killed by a flower up to now.

So I have found my choice and when we leave the supermarket, Mr. Swiss walks on and waits for me outside whilst I go to work with my mobile phone camera. I always have my Nikon camera in my bag, but for the quick flower shots, the mobile phone does the job nicely.

Of course it is noticed that the lady that walks with the stick regularly takes photos in the store of flowers. One day an assistant said her boss saw me and would like to know why I always take photos. I admitted that WordPress was the culprit as I showed my floral trophies regularly on my blogging site – and that was a difficult one to explain in German. However, the lady laughed (in sympathy?) and said that it was fine I naturally said I would not longer take photos if there was a problem, but she told me to go ahead. This conversation was at least a year ago, the lady is no longer there, but I am still taking my photos.

This little penchant of mine has lead to the fact that I now recognise many strange flowers by name: flowers that I would never see growing in our area. Flowers sold in a store are naturally the best, because the store wants to sell them.

I love to see the flowers of the day that others show on this particular challenge. We come from all over the world and I see examples of local flowers from other countries and others see samples of flowers that grow locally in my country: yes it is a win-win situation.

The flowers that are being sold for gardens, are moved outside in the Summer, which means I can shoot away at my hearts delight. It is now going towards Autumn, so the roses and other specials have now made room for the various heathers, chrysanthemum and Autumn selections. The choice is now somewhat reduced. If you see a lady taking photos of flowers in our local store, inside and outside, it is me. I am following my penchant for flower photos.

Flowers Migros

Daily Prompt: Flower Penchanting

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flower penchanting

    • I do it every time we are in the store, three times a week. I even make a short note on my mobile of the name, if I do not know wht it is. The stores always have the best selections as they want to sell the stuff.


  1. I also love to take pics of flowers. I use to go to the beautiful park close to my house but I don’t have a clue of the name of the flowers I see there. Sometimes I ask to a gardener but they use to give me the scientific names and I am absolutely incapable to remember them.

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