Good Morning

Evening Sky

Things were looking a bit sinster yesterday evening: the clouds were gathering and there was a threatening backlight. It began to rain, but no big problem. Temperatures are getting quite cool through the night. We are not sorry, as we no longer have to spread water on the garden in the evening. Today the rain continues on and off.

Fitting the Step
In the meanwhile the builders, that are still here. are putting the finishing touches to their masterpiece. We now have real concrete steps to our windows, although there is still a space between them and the tiled floor. The builders have also just discovered that they are slightly too small – not my problem. My cat Tabby is glad, she no longer has to make a risky jump to reach her cat flap. She can now do it in her normal dainty way.

There are few builders left, as they are adding the finishing touches. The painters have not yet arrived, it will now be next week. They have to wait for everything else to dry out before applying their works of art. I cannot wait to see the finished product, we will probably be the joke of the village in our block living in a light green elefant, with green sun blinds which really do not suit the village picture of rural Switzerland at its best. Perhaps they will paint the cows green eventually to suit the picture. Cannot wait to see the photos on Google Earth when they discover we exist and fly over.

In the meanwhile there is excitement somewhere in a place called Cupertino in California where they are putting the finishing touches to the Apple Park. Actually I knew nothing about this billion dollar project, but have discovered a new web site MacPrime where you are put in the picture of the newest developments. It is not Apple itself, but an independent body. Today the new iPhone will be introduced: our time in the evening. I still have my iPhone 6 as I do not update every time a new one appears. We will now be getting iPhone 8 in three versions according to the news that has leaked. Various things will be disappearing and I noticed that the fingerprint recognition will be replaced by face recognition.

My problem is again why repair it when it is not broke. I have needed may years to understand my iPhone and the iPhone now understands me. My life’s organisation is guided by iPhone (although now and again I do a written backup – you never know). Of course I am ready and waiting for this new marvellous technical revolution, but I so love my iPhone as it is. I am a golden oldie, and do not need this. The problem is that although my iPhone 6 still works, I would love to have the new phone with the new camera abilities.

I have just finished my Alex Cross book by James Patterson, Cat and Mouse, and find it one of the best up to now. There is often mention of Quantico, the FBI headquarters, with its perfect agents, fighing against crime. OK, things have probably got better since the Edgar Hoover days. I am wondering is Cupertino taking over, the iPhones of this world watching us and every secret we tell them about out lives. I even have my medical details on the phone. I have just discovered I also have a Fitbit tracker in my apps. I do not have a Fitbit, the version for walking sticks has not yet been developed. I do not have a clue how it got there, so I have now deleted it. I just remember glancing in on a web site, but not more.

Today is a morning of bathroom cleaning so I will have no time for computers. If only they would develop a cyber something to do housework, perhaps based on the old TV series Jeannie with a very young Larry Hagman. She would just nod her head and everything was shiny clean, although I would probably get a stiff neck with so much action.

I am off to discover the world around me with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Take care and beware of new gadgets. Let the others use them first.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. How exciting. They are closing in on DONE and you will finally get your world back. Hopefully, there will be something in this that you find is better than it was before. It seems like an awful lot to go through for no apparent reason!

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    • The neighbor was overheard making a remark to another neighbor that the time has passed quickly and at least it will be nice when they are finished. In the words of Queen Victoria “I am not amused”.


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