Daily Prompt: Rules are made to be broken

Tarte Tatin

This is a tarte tatin, one of those upside down cakes. I made it all by myself. The idea is to place a layer of cooking paper on the base of the tin and coat it with sugar, the more the better. Layer it with fruit (in this case apple slices). cover it with pastry and bake it. The sugar melts to a wonderful treacle like composition, soaks into the apples and there you have it: a real sugar bomb packed with calories.

I am diabetic and all the more the enjoyment when you realise that what you are savouring with every mouthful, is forbiden. Oh, come on, what difference does a few calories make and sugar carbs. Just a little rise in your daily allowance. Eat it and enjoy it. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to measure your blood sugar afterwards. What you don’t know, does not bother you. 

Of course I do not continuously only eat sweet food. I also enjoy a good meal with meat and vegetables, which are cabohydrate free. Carbs being the main threat to the health of the diabetic. Tablets may no longer be enough, and you will soon be on the needle regularly injecting insulin. Why not, then you can really have a sugar spee, the injections will take care of your excesses.

On the other hand some potato or pasta also belongs on the plate, and there we are committing a food sin again. We are breaking the rules of eating a suitable diabetic diet as pasta and potato should be kept to a minimum. After such a meal, perhaps followed with a piece of cake or chocolate, you should really examine your blood values. On the other hand what’s the point, why spoil an enjoyable meal, after all it all comes down to statistics and messing aroud with pointy apparatus prodding in your finger tip for a samlpe of blood to measure, yuck. Enjoy your meal and if you are lucky you do not have to visit the doc for your three monthly examination of blood values for some time.

The next day will arrive as usual, which you begin with a slice of bread, butter and a nice layer of jam. As said rules are made to be broken.

If you are diabetic, like me, then ignore this. After all I was only joking and now for a piece of chocolate, but naturally the dark chocolate. I believe it has less carbs – who knows.

Daily Prompt: Rules are made to be broken

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rules are made to be broken

  1. We are doomed by our palates! We eat a lot of rice, a fair number of potatoes and pasta isn’t forbidden, either. I do not back because I would then proceed to eat the whole thing. Still, I drool a little looking at yours! That looks SO good.

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    • My baking days are also now over. I prefer to bake my cookies on the computer. I am careful with what I eat and I suppose it is working as I am not yet on insulin and my diabetes Ihas been with me for 30 years. I wouldn’t know where to inject. With my injections for MS I don’t have much room left.


    • Admittedly I was exaggerating a little. I think over the years you get used to handling the sweet stuff. It is not even a matter of how much sweet stuff you eat, but what goes quickly into the blood. Eat an orange it’s ok, but drinking orange juice is not so good.

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