Good Morning


Those of you that watch this space daily (yes, some of us are addicted) may remember that yesterday I confronted you all with a strange grass like plant that suddenly appeared in my garden. I took a closer look later and discovered a suspicious, familiar white stripe on the leaves. This seemed to be a déjà vue and so I examined my grass archives and found this plant. It is some sort of special Japanese reed that used to sit in the corner of my garde, grow forth and multiply to the extent that I had to tell the gardner to remove it. It was not only a threat to my garden, but to the surrounding wild meadow. It seems that its roots had spread a little and been lurking in the ground, waiting for a new chance.  I now have a problem. Shall I remove this new growth or discover what it has for intentions. I quite like it and as it is now growing at the edge of the garden, I might be glad one day for it to keep prying eyes away from the appartment. Another one of nature’s wonders.

Speaking of nature’s wonders, No. 1 grandson is doing well, on his fifth day in the world. There is a continuous exchange of photos and videos between me and son. I remember when I had my kids, our clinic was not a progressive as today. Rooming in was not done, the new arrivals were all together in their own room, and you only got to see them when it was time for the milk tap. Today it is different, even in the clinic where mine were born, although in the meanwhile the  old clinic has now been demolished and a new one built in its place. Grandson is in the same room as my daughter-in-law and even its daddy can have his meals with his wife in the hospital.


My 15 year old cat Tabby has now developed something new. Her diet mainly consists of vitamin pellets and so I just fill the bowl up in the morning. She does not have feeding times as I am a lazy human, and there is always something in the bowl. However, she has discovered that fresh from the 5 Kg plastic bag tastes better than the pellets laying in the bowl for a few hours. It is a fact that pet food has a certain luring substance to entice them to eat, but only active in enclosed spaces and Tabby knows that it is at its  best when fresh in the bowl. Being an intelleigent and demanding cat, she realises that when I fill the bowl in the morning the food tastes much better. With her timing system she now waits for fresh pellets in the bowl. The problem is that she used to have a sleep, wake up and come and look. Me being a sacrificing human, would automatically fill the bowl and put it outside as I would be cleaning the kitchen floor. Tabby says that the word “time” does not exist in meow and so she appears earlier for her rightful new refill. This photo was taken this morning when I entered the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. She has the “what abut me” look on her face, with pleading eyes that stare at me. I did not give in and eventually she disappeared somewhere, but I know she will be back.

Today is Sunday, no stress, take it easy and begin to cook lunch. It is a ham with cooked red cabbage, so I can now start cooking and forget it until lunch time. I have everything organised.

Have a nice day everyone.

Road to Langendorf 08.09 (14)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. On Sep 10, 2017 1:37 AM, “Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss” wrote:

    angloswiss posted: ” Those of you that watch this space daily (yes, some of us are addicted) may remember that yesterday I confronted you all with a strange grass like plant that suddenly appeared in my garden. I took a closer look later and discovered a suspicious, familia”

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  2. Congratulations on the arrival of your first grandchild. I have two grandsons, the lads, I call them. I’ve been worrying about your Japanese plant although it is attractive. Ireland has been plagued by Japanese Knotweed for many years although this doesn’t look like it.

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  3. Tabby has been reading too many posts by canines! that is a very doggy thing to do. I can’t ever leave bags of food out because “the kids” figure that must be an invitation to a little tearing of paper bag followed by a very hearty eating of the same boring food they are always complaining about. Apparently is is much less boring when you tear the bag open, spread it all over the floor, then chow down!

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    • She really comes begging now in the morning and will not touch the remainder of her feline vitamin pellets until I top it up with fresh one. It is the pleasding look in her eyes that gives me a feeling of guilt.


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