Daily Prompt: Bluebottles and an iPad

Funny bird

OK Fred, I know you are not strange: it was just the way you were made and cannot help it. Just stay in the garden and make sure that everything remains organised.

In the meanwhile today was a peculiar day.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my computer, minding my own business and a buzzing sound filled the air. I made an investigation and found that two bluebottles, the flies with the shiny pullovers, were flying around my widow. The bad thing about bluebottles is that they are fat and ugly and disgusting. The good thing is that they are perfect for elimation with a fly swatter, so I soon had three dead squashed blue bottles. Quick flash on to today. After lunch I was sitting in the living room relaxing with my iPad, a cup of tea, and a piece of chocolate and feeling contented that my Sunday was relaxed.

Suddenly it began to buzz. The re-incarnation had probably taken place, and I was again invaded by three bluebottles, circling around the curtain stripes. I was actually psychologically preparing for my after dinner sleep, but first of all I had business to settle. I managed to execute two of the invaders and then gave up, but they were on my trail. When I reached the bedroom they had followed me and were hovering around the window. I was armed. Within five minutes there were two dead bodies on the floor and the other three escaped through the window. I have no idea why I have been the chosen human for the week-end. I have not seen a specimen all summer. Perhaps they are panicking, because the hot summer weather is turning into cooler Autumn days and they realise that their days are counted. I actually manage to take an action photo, his last photo in this world.


The next peculiarity was that I discovered I could no longer send e-mails on my iPad. I very rarely actually send e-mails as prefer the Facebook messenger. It is cheaper and more efficient. However, last week I sent my cousins a mail, as one does not have facebook (they are twins) and it worked. Today I realised it was not working. I got a message from my supplier that the smtp path or whatever was out of action.

So the search began to cure this ailment. My iPhone was working with e-mails, only my iPad was not. Even my apple computer sent my e-mails. There was a lengthy comparison with my old iPad and new iPad and with Mr. Swiss iPad. I really did not want to call the help desk because it costs money and takes too long and I probably would not understand what the guy would be talking about in any case. Suddenly I noticed, in a strange place, that instead of a password I had an empty line. Mr. Swiss suggeted inserting a password, although it did say optional. And lo and behold it is now working. I did remain cool throughout the whole operation, but now I am a happy bunny. In the meanwhile I had mislaid my mobile phone, so Mr. Swiss had to call me. I heard ducks quacking somewhere (my mobile phone sound) and found it.

My world is now OK, although I had a few peculiar moments this afternoon.

Daily Prompt: Bluebottles and an iPad

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Bluebottles and an iPad

  1. Technology is amazing when it works the way it’s expected to work. What a great feeling of accomplishment to fix a problem yourself. Dead flies are the best flies! Splat!

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    • Although I had to search at least half an hour in places on my iPad I had never been before, to find where the mistake was. Flies are born to die. They are quite stupid at the moment and almot commit kamikaze.

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  2. Congratulations on the conquest of the fly population.

    WordPress is not the only organization to do weird things for no reason. It happens on our cable channel constantly. They are permanently fixing things that used to work before they fixed them … and they are ALSO our email carrier as they are the WiFi in the house.

    Equifax (huge credit organization) got seriously hacked a couple of months ago and we are just finding out about it now, so i’ve been busily changing all my passwords. It was long overdue anyway, but I can never remember it, so I have it glued into a lot of places. I’m sure I’ll remember it … eventually. Probably. Someday.

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    • Not quite a conquest, they are still coming now and again.

      This was really a puzzle on my iPad. On 7th September I wrote to my cousins by e-mail from my iPad and they sent me an answer. It was a pure coincidence that I noticed today the mails were not going out, because Mr. Swiss wanted me to mail him a photo and he didn’t receive it. I don’t like messing around with codes in my e-mail system, especially because I am not so sure with it. It was a small mistake and with the advice from Mr. Swiss, it was working again.

      I heard about the Equifax thing, but there again I am not sure what I am supposed to do. I heard it was the States and England, and there was no mention made of Switzerland, so I can just hope. I have all my passwords on a memory stick, not on the computer and heaven for forbid that I have to change them. I forget enough these days.


    • Perhaps they are having their last “fling” before they go for the Winter. They are really annoying and now it is also mosquito time, as we live next to a river.


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