Good Morning


For the lack of knowing what to announce for today’s surprises, I took a walk around my garden and discovered that my rosemary is now flowering again. It already did its show this year but has decided to return in Autumn, before the Winter arrives. Probably global warming and all that stuff. When pineapples begin to grow in the garden I will let you know.

In the meanwhile it is quiet here, which seems strange. After a couple of months of builder conversations and the general noise of machinery, everything is now so quiet. Now and again you can here a builder putting finishing touches to his works of art. We can hardly believe that in October the summer of discontent will be over and we can perhaps return to a normal life.

I finished my Terry Pratchett book “Reaper Man” and began a search for something else. All the books I want to read have not yet been printed, they are in the waiting line. Ken Follett has written a sequel to his cathedral series “A Column of Fire” which I am interested to read: it is apparently all about the problems between being catholic or protestant in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, but I will have to wait a week until it appears.

Genevieve Cogman has written a new book to her Invisible Library series, The Lost Plot, which only appears in December. I have read the first three books and am looking forward to the next in the series.  Shall I read the second book of Game of Thrones, as I did complete the first, but no. The first was an effort to finish and I will not fight with the second book. I have looked at a few episodes of the TV series in the meanwhile, and find that it is one big repetition and boring. I eventually decided on the fourth book by James Patterson in the Alex Cross Series, Cat and Mouse, as he has not disappointed me yet. My Kindle was refusing to upload books but a restart operation soon cured the problem.

And now to something more exciting for this morning. Yes, they are letting me out to raid the supermarket again. There was a scientific discussion between Mr. Swiss and me to decide on the menu plan for the week-end. We are again alone this evening as No. 1 son will be visiting some sort of music event. We settled for pizza more or less, plain and simple and nothing to cook.  I decided we must have something with bones as I need  photos for the oncoming halloween photo challenges. Perhaps I should pay a visit to the local graveyard for a few good subjects. I should really get out more to take some photos of other places, but daylight is shrinking and there is not so much time, although twilight photos from the cemetery could prove to be interesting.

And now to depart for the daily chores, I need some gymnastic exercises to get my joints working. I will leave you with a photo of the road to the supermarket.

Road to Langendorf 06.09 (8)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I had a huge rosemary bush for almost 20 years and then it just suddenly died. I have no idea what caused it to die out, but it slowly faded until there was nothing left. Yours looks very pretty.

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    • I always have rosemary in the garden. The plants are not so expensive, so if one dies on me through the cold winter, I just buy a new one in spring. However, this particular bush has survived at least 5 years and began flowering last year. This year it does not seem to want to give up. Our problem would be the cold winter temperatures.


    • I think that must be more than 40 books. I love his humor. I haven’t read any of his other books. I Just finished No. 11 or 12. So now for something else. I have discovered the Alex Cross series by James Patterson and find them quite page turners.


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