Daily Prompt: The Big Build

Renovation 20.04 (6)

It began with a day when the truck arrived but we thought it would go away
It was full of metal poles, and we realised it was here to stay
Two men began to build, it was a sight to see
They put the poles together and were having a real spree
Noise became our neighbours we watched this lego game
One piece fitted the other, were these men insane?

Renovation 19.04 (9)

There were platforms, there were stairs, it made us feel so small
Our home resembled a fortress, surrounded by a metal wall
Slowly we were invaded, they were pouring out of their holes
Some were hammering, others welding, were these the dreaded trolls?
The construction it was growing, we felt smaller every day
An invasion was taking place, life was not longer so gay

Renovation 18.08 (7)

One morning we looked out, and this is what we saw
The metal had risen, please let there be no more
It could not go on forever, it was a mighty blow,
But all things come to pass, we had reached our crescendo

Daily Prompt: The Big Build

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Big Build

  1. Soon will come they day when they will take down the framework and you will be FREE, FREE, FREE again! Of course, now that they have decided to paint, every few years they will put up the scaffolding and paint again. Ah, such fools we mortals be.

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    • I am now 70 years old, so as far as I am concerned they can paint to their hearts delight. Today we overheard a neighbour saying although it was a trial, afterwards it will look nice. “nice” is a good word mumble, mumble, mumble

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