Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 06.09 (10)

It was one of those interesting stormy cloud days yesterday so my collection of photos from the yesterday drive to and from the supermarket was mostly clouds. As we were passing a field a flock of birds were in the air so I took a shot. It was only the normal camera lens, so they are just white apparitions in the background. I saw quite a few flocks on my way, and they are probably practicing to the big flight to the warmer countries. Eventually we are just left with crows and sparrows. The tits will probably appear again. I never see one during the summer months, but as soon as the colder weather appears they return to eat from my bird house. I just wonder where they go in the summer.

This morning I took time to write a stinging remark on Facebook. They have yet again made alternations, very subtle, but I noticed that what I thought would be private could easily become public. When someone writes me a private message and I give an answer I do not expect it to arrive on my so-called “timeline” which it did for all to see.  I would not even have noticed it were it not for being infomed by the person that wrote it. I naturally immediately deleted it, which lead to deleting a crossposting from WordPress, leading to eventually deleting an article full from WordPress, because Facebook was not capable of making a deletion, or they did not want to. As private is not a word existing in Facebook, I will probably no longer be crossposting there, or only now and again: mainly from my cat chronicles, they are not so fussy about a private sphere.

And now to the big news. I did mention it yesterday on the posting I deleted, so sorry that your comments have also now been deleted. It was not intentional, blame it on Facebook. I am now grandmother since yesterday afternoon.  It is a boy, Alexander, he took his time arriving, but now he is here. I even heard his first cries per iPhone which were quite resounding, so he has healthy lungs.

Firebugs 06.09 (6)

In the meanwhile I took a short walk around the garden to see if there were any interesting developments. My fire bug population seem to be quite busy. I had a look at my hisbiscus which is now full of seed capsules. It seems that seeds are a main part of the fire bug diet as on almost each pod a firebug was perched. I think he was trying to work out how to get to the inside of the pod, but I am sure they will find a solution.

And now to carry on with the housework. Mr. Swiss finds it interesting living with a grandmother, and I reminded him that it was even more interesting living with a great grandfather.

Have a nice day, see you around, but not in Facebook.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Congratulations Granny….. !!!! How very wonderful 🙂

    You just enforced once more my conviction that I took the right decision to get off FB as early (and quickly) as I did….. I am all for keeping private things private!

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    • I will not leave Facebook because I still have important stuff there. I have a connection to my old school that have their own site and to some relations living on other continents. I also have the messenger to enable me to contact friends in other countries by voice or message with no extra costs. Facebook is not all rubbish, but you have to pay attention to how you use it.


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