Daily Prompt: Having limits

Smoothing the walls

I have been pushed to my limits since this ridiculous renovation of our 20 year old appartment block began, but we will survive. We do not have a choice. Today the final polishing was being applied to our facade, to the walls. After living in a limited world, thanks to a few tons of metal scaffolding and magic stairways to heaven, we are slowly seeing the end of our trials. Today our widows were again sealed with plastic on one side of the appartment. We again became human caterpillats in a coccoon of plastic covered windows. This is naturally all in the name of keeping the windows free of any residue that might settle and stick.

The workmen are putting the final touches to our buiding constuction. The surface has been ripped away, chiseled by loud machines and refurbished with thick polysterol cladding. the cladding has been pasted with a net, twice, and formed to a flat surface.

The east side of our appartment is finished and today the finishing touches have been made to the west Side. We now have wonderful, smooth, white walls. what could be better.


Does this mean our ordeal at the tools of the builders is now meeting an end? Well yes, it would be were it not for a decision to have this whole work of art coated with a layer of green paint, very pale green paint so pale that you would hardly think it was green. Did we want green paint, did we want paint? Mr. Swiss informed me that the former state of our building had no paint on the surface. It was left as it now is: white and smoothe and looking clean and perfect, but no, someone, somewhere, decided it should be painted.

And so after this week, and a little part of next week, our builders will be packing their cases, sending their overalls to the dry cleaners, and removing the paint stains where the paint stains arrived whilst they were working. They will wave goodbye, and move on to the next victims. In the meanwhile the painters will arrive: at last a different subject for my camera. Even building work is limited, you can only do so much and not more. Three weeks of painting, the fitting of the new metal blinds (which were also not really necessary) and it wil be done. The limits of our renovation (and my nerves) will be reached and we can all go back to sleep for the Winter season.

But beware, who knows what ideas are hovering for next years in the summer months.

Daily Prompt: Having Limits

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