Good Morning

Morning scaffolding

I wish I could take a photo with a clear view of my garden and its bushes, also showing a wide sky, but my horizon has been limited for almost 6 months by our building work. Only another two months to go and we will be free.

Yesterday I saw chief builders walking around in my front garden. I naturally opened my window and struck up a conversation. There was a lady writing things on a paper strapped to a board to give her a firm background and three men.

“You look quite official” I said “is something new happening?”

“No, we are from company for your new blinds on the window.”

“Great, the blinds disappeared 5 months ago. And now the new ones will arrive, tomorrow?”

“Not exactly (accompanied with peals of laughter) it will be in 2 weeks.”

“And will they be something new and revolutionary.”

“Just the normal metal blinds, similar to the ones before.”

I am now confused and asking why we have to have new blinds, when the old ones were working perfectly. It seems we are getting the same thing again, just new. I will still be washing my blinds once a year and rolling them up and down. OK, I could have chosen to have electric blinds, but no thankyou. It is not worth the extra money for a little electric motor on each window. And so building life goes on.

I made my daily excursion to Facebook this morning and read a contribution from a far flung FB  acquaintence that I do not know personally, just a remainder from my Farmville days, which she also no longer plays.  She mentioned that she wanted to use her computer to look up a few details and forgot how it works. It seems she only uses her iPad and this was an exception. I did not realise that this could happen. I am very much attached to my iPad because I can sit in my chair, read a book, and have a peep to see if there is anything to react to: saves time and bother with organising the computer, which has probably been put to bed. However, my iPad does not replace my computer. I love my iPad, have the largest possible capacity (256 whatever) but there are things I can do on the computer that  are complicated on my iPad.

I also noticed on Facebook there is now something called “marketplace” where people in my area either are searching for something particular to buy, or have something to sell. Naturally I had a look and find it quite a good thing. I can have a free lady’s bike from someone in a nearby village, I just have to fit it up with new brakes. As I cannot ride a bike I lost interest. There are a couple of computers being sold, and even training shoes. I am not buying anything, but just like to look. I find it a good idea, why throw it away if it is broken, when you can sell it.

Today is a day of shopping, a trip to the local supermarket and a photo session on the way from the car. Perhaps I can persuade Mr. Swiss to take the scenic route.

Enjoy the day. It must be Autumn, the local store is now selling heather.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • These are the new metal window blinds. They took them away when the work began and now we are getting new ones, exactly the same, which we do not really understand. The new summer blind for the porch will be green


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