Daily Prompt: Anticipating

Poodles waiting at the supermarket

There they were sitting at the entrance of the supermarket and both staring in the same direction. No prizes for guessing. They were anticipating the arrival of their lady. They felt lonely and forgotten.

Anticipating needs patience. Try taking a midday sleep when you keep your telephone switched on for news that is important, something you had been waiting to happen and today is the day.  Every buzz the phone makes might be the expected news. You try to sleep but it is a restless sleep and then a fly begins to make a round trip buzzing on his way. Eventually you relax, even close your eyes but suddenly you are immediately awake, there is a telephone signal. No that is not the signal you want, registering a like on WordPress, or the latest news from the BBC. Even the swiss news has something to report. The event you are anticipating will eventually happen and the dog’s owner will also arrive. It is just a matter of patience.

I think I will occupy myself with something else, like cleaning the shower, or eating a banana to the accompaniment of writing a daily prompt on word Press. Yes, that is the solution, it will take my mind off the anticipated news and at the end of the day you will be wondering what the fuss was all about, perhaps, probably. Anticipating makes you nervous. What if? No, it is just a question of anticipation

I will have to move on and tomorrow will again anticipate a new WordPress prompt.

Daily Prompt: Anticipating

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