Good Morning

Spider 04.09.2017

This is my photo of the day. I was in the kitchen and noticed this shape on the ceiling – a new neighbour had moved it. It looked interesting from a distance, so organised my long distance lens and took a photo. Mr. Swiss and I studied the result and decided it was a member of the spider family, although he did not have a web. I believe not all spiders have webs. This one was moving around now and again, but remained on the ceiling. This morning when I arrived in the kitchen for breakfast I took a look and he was gone. Ok, no problem: no-one really likes spiders in the kitchen and now he is gone there is no danger of him dropping in for a bite from my breakfast. He was probably searching for a nice comfortable place to spend his winter holidays.

Stone cutting 05.09 (1)

In the meanwhile we have a new threat to the peace of our surroundings. The builders have a new game. It is called stone cutting. The balconies are now on the finisheing touches, and they have new stone flooring. The stones must be cut into shape and for this there is a machine. There is a machine for everything today.

At the beginning the noise was not such a bother, but now this builder is cutting stone from morning to evening and he is not Michelangelo. As the stone plate enters the machine the grinding noise begins After five minutes of constant annoyance, he walks to to the balcony on his “cat walk” on the scaffolding to place the stones, returns to the machine for the next batch. As there are approximately 1,000 stones to be cut, this process will be daily for a week.

This morning I decided to take a photo and this stone cutting sculpturer greeted me nicely from above and I returned his good morning greeting. Yesterday I was witness to a conversation between my neighbour and this worker. He had positioned the machine next to her garden. It was not so much a conversation as lecture from the neighbour and her husband joined in. She said it the noise was annoying her to say the least with a few suggestions to disappear to another place.

This morning I added my comments with the worker, poor man. He is only doing his job. We live in a vast area, so what I do not understand that he places the machine in a front garden where we are all the victims of the continuous scraping and sawing. I suggested to move it to a place further away, perhaps on our parking spaces which are not needed at the moment. He more or less agreed, but the architect would be arriving this afternoon and he would talk to him about it. The architect is god amongst the builders. He appears from nowhere and disappears again and no-one knows where he goes afterwards, but his word is the law. I am now interested in the outcome and am glad to have said my piece, that our neighbour no longer stands alone with her problems. After all her problems are also mine.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss is still searching for the spider on the kitchen floor. Rather a quiet spider that is probably more frightened of the big feet of humans than a stone cutter that is wearing heavy protection or head phones whilst doing his job. Ah yes, I reminded him this morning in my lecture, that he was wearing headphones for the job and we have none.

And now I must move on, there is a bathroom to clean and other chores to deal with. My 30 minute time limit on my morning blog is now coming to an end. Enjoy the day everyone and beware of scupturing builders, they are not creating a work for a Pulitzer prize, but just annoying you with their grinding, scraping noises.

Clouds 04.09.2017

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Do be careful with that spider. My neighbour ended up in hospital after she was bitten by one which was thought to have arrived via a bunch of bananas. Her arm swelled up alarmingly and then her face, and she was rushed to hospital for injections of antibiotics. She spent two days in hospital and everyone was very worried as no one knew exactly which species of spider it was. Her house was then fumigated. So maybe take the photograph to your local health department, or tropical disease department, and ask for their opinion. Meanwhile, we very careful

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    • Thanks but no panic. We live in the country and spiders are part of our life. Switzerland is not known for dangerous spiders, the climate is too cold. I only buy small bunches of bananas so no danger of a spider hiding. The worse thing you could get here is Lyme disease from tics.


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