Good Morning

Breakfast with toast

I decided to treat myself to some toast for breakfast this morning. As I now have my favourite black cherry jam, what could be better. I had the remainders of toast bread from the week-end. There was a special offer in the supermarket for super smoked salmon flavoured with limes and otherwise, so I made the most of it and yesterday evening, instead of choisi de frigidaire, I actually prepared smoked salmon with toast, garnished with echalotte and all the trimmings. We also needed toast for Saturday evening, as it was only Mr. Swiss and I so I made mushrooms in a cream sauce on toast – a sort of Swissy thing. Son No. 1 was away on a music evening and does not eat mushrooms. This morning I decided to round it off with toast for breakfast, otherwise it hangs around, no-one eats it and eventually it goes to the garbage.

I was thinking about a short walk with the camera yesterday evening, but decided why bother when it is so comfortable at home. To compensate I took a walk around my garden, which was more a hop than a walk as I do not live on an estate.

Buddleia 03.09 (3)

It was then that I saw a splash of colour on the edge of the garden which I was sure was a buddleia. I used to have many, but they all gave up at the same time and now I only have one large bush, the blue variety. I then remembered that about two years ago I noticed a new mini buddleia was growing in the garden, a product of seeds most likely. I remember telling our gardner to replant it on the edge of the garden and then I forgot it. It has now been quietly growing and the first flower has now appeared. I like them as they are uncomplicated, do their own thing and attract butterflies, although this year the butterflies have been rare – blame it on the building work.

Bee and Dandelion 03.09 (1)

I then crossed the boundary of the garden to the wild meadow and was surprised to find a late dandelion. They usually appear in Spring, shed their seeds for the next year and go back to sleep. This one decided to stay a while and made a bee very happy, so of course I decided to take their portrait before they disappeared forever. We have noticed that temperatures are no longer as warm as they were. It is not cold, but there is a definite Autumn nip in the air, especially in the morning. We are still sleeping with open windows, but the time will soon come when temperatures drop and they will be closed.

The builders report is now going to an end. The building company will be leaving us at the end of the week. Their final work will be flattening the surfaces of the building to prepare for the painters. That will be a very messy job and windows will be kept closed, although I do not expect that it will take longer as a day on our walls. It is the bits and pieces that float down from above that is the problem, being on the ground floor.

Today is a day of shopping and getting into the wide world again as long as it is still there. With the idiots in charge of various countries – are you listening Kimmy boy and Trumpy, you never know what little games they want to play now.  Germany is now preparing for elections and there was the so called “elefant” round on the TV yesterday evening: a discussion between Chancellor Merkle and her oppositon guy Mr. Schulz. They were very polite and both very capable talkers. I can imagine that Merkle will win the elections again. She has been the chancellor for many years now.

And now to leave you with a photo of our rowan trees which now have their famous orange berries. I had been watching the tree from our garden, but was too lazy to take a walk for a photo. Silly me, I used my 300 lens yesterday for a closer photo. Never thought of doing that before.

Enjoy the day, even it if is Monday. The end of the week will come soon enough.

Rowan Tree 03.09 (1)

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My son will not eat mushrooms, beets, or aubergine. Garry won’t eat peas, lima beans, peanut butter, or oatmeal. At least I don’t have to figure out what to cook because not eating mushrooms was a problem, but I can manage life without lima beans, peas, peanut butter or oatmeal.

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    • We are basically an all eating family, although my favourites are not Mr. Swiss favourites and vice versa. Patrick eats everything, we never have any remainders no matter how much I cook. However he is autist, and it is not a fact of just no liking something, but it is to be ignored, and if there happen to be mushrooms in the sauce he will pick them out one by one and eat the rest. He will not eat broccoli or brussel sprouts, and I assume because it is green. I love aubergine and Mr. Swiss is not really mad about it, although he will eat it etc. etc.


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  3. What you saw the insect perching on was not a Dandelion, they look similar, but have much narrower leaves, and the flowers are not as full. Dandelions have a hollow stem supporting only one flower.
    I had the same poor result with my Buddleia…but the Malva and Hydrangea (Vanilla Strawberry are attracting all kinds of Bumblebees! Happy gardening!

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    • I thought it was a bit late for a real dandelion. Buddleia grow wild around here if their seeds find a good place. This was from a seed that startred growing about 3 years ago, and this year has made a flower. I had to dig three buddleia out of the garden as they were sprouting up everywhere. No hydrangeas here, the soil is not so good for them.


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