One Word Photo Challenge: Jaguar

Jaguar 30.08 (3)

OK I know it is not a real janguar, but the next zoo is 100 kilometers away and I am not even sure if their Jaguar would pose for a photo. I was looking for a plastic toy in the local store for a photo, but they only had tigers and lions. I returned home disapponted when Mr. Swiss said there were two Jaguar cars in our central garage. He was already on his way to study the details – typical man. I followed with the camera. Luckily the owners of the cars were not there, so I took this photo from the front of the car.

I then moved on to the next car.

Jaguar 30.08 (1)

This was a bit of a difficult one, as I almost had to get down to hands and knees to get the angle, but here is the result. Two jaguars in a garage.

One Word Photo Challenge: Jaguar

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