Good Morning


I was busy taking cloud photos this morning. At least they are different every day. This morning we have the fluffy white ones, which I quite like – not so monotonous. Yesterday was a monsoon day and the rains came down. In the late afternoon, however, the sun broke through and I was planning in the back of my mind, perhaps a short walk with the camera in the early evening. After the evening meal I was still thinking about it when I heard the pitter patter of the rain on the scaffolding surrounding our appartment block, so it was yet another evening at home with a computer, a Kindle and in between a TV. What an exciting life I lead.

Today the weather experts said it would be warmer and sunny and up to now it looks like it, although I do not trust them. They just say those things for propaganda reasons to make us feel better.

Back Garden

As I have not been places and seen things lately, the week-end exile of a golden oldie, I can only offer a view from the kitchen window of my garden through the scaffolding. It all has a certain Autumn expectancy at the moment. My sedum is flowering after working on it throughout the year and the black eyed susans have also managed to conquer the foundations of the scaffolding – where there is a will there is a way. One of the advantages of the building work is that I now have a new place to arrange the few remaining indoor plants on the scaffolding, although they are no longer as enthusiastic as they were.

And that’s that: no shopping trip today and the only excitement this morning is to iron the washing from yesterday and cook lunch. Who knows, I might drag myself out this afternoon to take a few photos.

Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love your humour as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Let tell how liven up you Goldie Oldie life. FALL and break a bone like hip and leg. It has brought a while new to me. One the the pain is excuriting. I need to be here in order to get back to a normal life. I take building concretors over what I am doing now. Bess you,, you have added to my smile of the week.
    Betty Louise

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    • Been there and done that. I broke the left arm twice in the space of 10 years, and it is now worth its weight in stainless streel. With time the pain goes, the scar remains and everyone will be asking how and what the scar is. You will be the centre of attention, it is to be recommended. There is always a positive aspect to everything.

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      • You are so right only I don’t really like being notice. To day is been an experience. I was awaken at 6:15 A. M For occupation therapy only I was in dream and and I turn my head and saw a complete stranger. My heart took off. She made a special to get here for me. I can laugh about it. It is a good one for Trent’s WEEKLY SMILE. I hope I am able to write it. They have course on how deal with primary care and I hope I get to take it. Thanks!

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  2. They are beginning to talk about maybe having a little hurricane — a not so little hurricane, actually — possibly bounce off the Bahamas and hit US. It’s too early to say yet, but I hate those storms. They ruin autumn, too by ripping the leaves off the trees. instead of foliage, you get naked trees. It’s that time of year, again.

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    • I think I saw something about that follow up yesterday, even on our news. No problem, you might get a chance to meet the president when it hits Blackstone, although he didn’t bother when the caterpillars arrived. We have heavy floods in some places in Switzerland at the moment, but not our area – more to the East. One mountain village, Bondo, is now uninhabitable. It started a week ago with a stone avalanche from the mountain above, and has been followed by at least 2 mudslides. The people in the village have been evacuated and many houses no longer exist.


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