Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 01.09 (16)

As we drove to the supermarket yesterday I realised that Autumn was knocking at the door. The weather changed a couple of days ago and we had quite a bout of strong rain coupled with a drop in temperature. This did not bother me so much. as I notice my body prefers the lower temperatures and not the hot, hot, hot that we now and again get in Summer, the so-called heat waves. I never noticed that the colour of the leaves was changing until I was on the lookout for something completely different in my photos.


When we arrived at the supermarket and I was looking for new arrivals in the flower department, the case was clear. The new arrivals were pumpkins and other such decorative gourds, showing that it would soon be time for halloween and all its trimmings. Time goes so fast, and I have decided to make the most of the seasons that come and go. The local fields are being, or already have been harvested, which is another reminder to shift my body to a walk and see what is actually happening in the surroundings.

Sitting around taking it easy and reading books and playing with the computer is fine, but now and again it is good to get out and see what is happening in the world around you and not just from the car window as you drive past.

I was looking for something new to read yesterday. I had finished my Friedrich Glauser book “Fever” in english and was at a loss. I discovered Fridrich Glauser ((4 February 1896 in Vienna – 8 December 1938 in Nervi) was a German-language Swiss writer. He was a morphine and opium addict for most of his life) some years ago. A couple of his books had been filmed, and he is one of the Swiss greats in literature in my opinion. Most of his books have been translated, and I am reading them now and again, in original german, although most are available in english. One of his characters is a Swiss police officer, Sergeant Studer centered in Bern, and takes part in places that are sort of local. Although the books were written with a 1930’s background they work modern even today.

The book “Fever” takes Sergeant Studer to the foreign legion in Morocco where learns how to kif and ride a donkey. He is on the search for murderer of two sisters in Switzerland. It is quite amusing in places, Glauser often shows humour in his books.

And so I had to find something new. I asked Mr. Swiss, as he often downloads books that interest me. We are both fans of the danish author Jussi Adler Olsen, and I knew he had dowloaded the newest book “Selfies”, so I borrowed his iPad to read it. After the first few pages it all seemed so familiar and realised I had read this one some time ago, also on Mr. Swiss iPad. These are the golden oldie problems of life, when you begin to read a book that you have already read. I decided on a further Terry Pratchett novel of his Discworld series. He wrote many, over 40. Terry Pratchett has now passed away and a good writer is lost to the world. I just read that he had ordered his unfinished manuscripts to be destroyed after his death which has been done in the meanwhile. So I am now on book 11, Reaper Man, a follow up on the “Death” novel and am not regretting it. I very much like his amusing style and descriptions of the Flatworld which is carried through space on the back of four elefants posed on the back of a turtle. Yes, that’s Terry Pratchett imagination.

And now to move on. Mr. Swiss will go shopping for a couple of items I need to put finishing touches to the week-end supplies and I will keep myself busy with the vacuum cleaner and other such housewify chores.

See you around later when inspiration takes over.

Tree 01.09.2017

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We were at the hospital the other day, so we were up a couple of stories and I could see the tops of the trees are changing color. You can’t see it well from on the ground, but you can’t miss it from the third story of the Dana-Farber hospital. Another couple of weeks … and poof … summer will be autumn. I’ve got my cameras ready!

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    • I noticed the slow changes when I was taking photos on the drive to the supermarket. We have two rowan trees in the grounds where we live and I can see their bunches of orange berries from my garden I must take a couple of photos before they are gone. Autumn is a wonderful time for photos.


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