Daily Prompt: Why be critical


Critical? Me, what do I have to be critical about. Is it the hole in front of my window? The workmen were playing with it yet again this morning and now they are finished and have left a gaining cavern where there was a metal cover. The workmen are packing up for the week-end. I can always avoid the danger of falling into the hole by taking a scenic route through the main door, but my cat is not so prepared as I am. She will have to jump over it to get to the other side. OK, no problem, the workman that sealed my bedroom window with a plastic sheet (for protection), is still working here and I am sure he will return everything to its rightful state when he is finished, at least I hope.

I just had a word with him and he is now busy putting everything back to its “normal” condition. As I said you just have to talk to people and not get worked up about the little things of life.

I am not really a critical person, but I notice with age I prefer things to be as they always are and not changed. Mr. Swiss is often critical of other drivers on the road. I think it was in the car that I learnt my knowledge of Swiss German profanities. I also liked President Obama. I really do not want to be critical, but Mr. Trump is really not my sort of thing, perhaps he might go away.

Whilst I am quietly reading a book in the evening, Mr. Swiss often gets critical when he watches the daily news, which is one of the reasons why I read a book – less excitement. And now I will close down, it is Friday. In my pre golden oldie days it was a time to begin to celebrate the week-end. Now I just watch the others looking forward to the week-end. In the menwhile the workman has put everything back to its normal state and is probably now on his way home. What a small world I live in, getting annoyed and critical about a simple state of building affairs. Even they will depart one day.


Daily Prompt: Why be critical

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Why be critical

  1. Being retired now, I do not like weekends. I have to stay home because that is when stores and roads are too crowded. How funny the way I used to look forward to them when I worked.

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    • I am lucky with Mr. Swiss. I do the week-end shopping with him on Friday and he goes alone on Saturday morning for a few bits and pieces, so I am no longer subjected to the crowds. I never really looked forward to shopping when I was a working woman, but since being retired the days during the week when we go shopping are something completely different: not too many people and no stress.


    • It is dangerous and I cannot leave the room through the window to get to the garden but have to leave by the main door. Even Tabby the cat will not walk across the grid but being a cat can spring over it.

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