Flower of the Day: 01.09.2017 Calla

Calla 04.07 (1)

This is a calla from my garden. It has been flowering annually in its pot for the past 10 years and seems to be quite happy. When the cold days arrive it goes to the cellar for hibernation, but in Spring it returns with its flower. The original colour was orange, but it has now become yellow.

Flower of the Day: 01.98.2017 Calla

Daily Prompt: Why be critical


Critical? Me, what do I have to be critical about. Is it the hole in front of my window? The workmen were playing with it yet again this morning and now they are finished and have left a gaining cavern where there was a metal cover. The workmen are packing up for the week-end. I can always avoid the danger of falling into the hole by taking a scenic route through the main door, but my cat is not so prepared as I am. She will have to jump over it to get to the other side. OK, no problem, the workman that sealed my bedroom window with a plastic sheet (for protection), is still working here and I am sure he will return everything to its rightful state when he is finished, at least I hope.

I just had a word with him and he is now busy putting everything back to its “normal” condition. As I said you just have to talk to people and not get worked up about the little things of life.

I am not really a critical person, but I notice with age I prefer things to be as they always are and not changed. Mr. Swiss is often critical of other drivers on the road. I think it was in the car that I learnt my knowledge of Swiss German profanities. I also liked President Obama. I really do not want to be critical, but Mr. Trump is really not my sort of thing, perhaps he might go away.

Whilst I am quietly reading a book in the evening, Mr. Swiss often gets critical when he watches the daily news, which is one of the reasons why I read a book – less excitement. And now I will close down, it is Friday. In my pre golden oldie days it was a time to begin to celebrate the week-end. Now I just watch the others looking forward to the week-end. In the menwhile the workman has put everything back to its normal state and is probably now on his way home. What a small world I live in, getting annoyed and critical about a simple state of building affairs. Even they will depart one day.


Daily Prompt: Why be critical

Good Morning


No, today is not a good morning. It is one of those mornings where there is nothing good about it. I could hear Mr. Swiss speaking in high german (as opposed to our secret swiss dialect, that only the swiss really understand) from a distance in the kitchen. I was still hugging my bed and doing a jog around my iPad. He must be corresponding with the building tribe I though, which is never a good sign. Mr. Swiss appeared with the news that today our west side had its turn for the coccoon effect. The walls will be prepared with a layer of cement to fix the net that will be attached meaning that my kitchen and living room will be out of movable action to the outside until this afternoon. My cat Tabby is very unhappy, that is her favourite place to enter the outside world before breakfast.

I took a closer look at the situation and a workman was observing my outside walls. I probably did not  look very happy and he said “it has to be done”. I shook my fist at him and he laughed and so did I. No good annoying a workman, he is only doing his job. I have now shifted my breakfast to the other side of the appartment with my computer as staring at plastic is not my ideal start to the day.


Just when you think that you have the worst behind you, they arrive with another surprise. It seems the company that do this work will leave us at the end of next week when the painters will move in. They need a month to paint everything and then we will see a light at the end of the building tunnel. Take my advice: never vote yes if someone suggests a fresh new look wherever you live. It is not worth it. Leave it to the generation that will follow you.

I thought I could begin the day here with a nice photo of sky and trees and some flowers from the garden. Today I cannot even enter my garden, unless I take a walk around the building to get to the other side. Even the chicken had an easier task to cross the road, because it only really wanted to reach the other side. However, what difference does a day make, when you are a golden oldie, and no longer have as many days as everyone else.

Today is week-end shopping day so I can escape in a hour until lunch time. The builders leave us for their various week-end places. We now have the german team working with us and many have long journeys to reach their homes in Germany after the work is finished. It is astonshing how far builders are prepared to travel for their work. I have learned a lot about the building trade since the work began. They are experts in their work, each having his own responsibilitiy to fulfil and it is a combination of various working techniques. Some drill, some plaster and others cut stone, but each and everyone know what he has to do and concentrate on their tasks. It is a world of its own, combined with a tough job. They are nice guys. I will not exactly miss them when they are gone, but will have my photos of memories.

Road to Langendorf 30.08 (7)
I still have a view of the local mountains from my home. The builders cannot take that away (I hope).

Have a good start to the week-end, beware of builders, and enjoy yourselves. It is time to take a walk with the vacuum cleaner.