Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (37)

I had to persuade myself to say Good Morning this morning. I was not feeling to well, but it can only get better. It was one of those golden oldie mornings where your body reminds you that it is no longer 20 years old, so I decided to take it easy. After a couple of tablets I think my engine is revving up again, but today I will only do what I want to. Mr. Swiss is always telling me that cleaning is not so important because there is nothing to clean. So being a perfect housewife I have set my priorities elsewhere.

I managed a bite of breakfast and will drag myself to a shopping trip this morning.

Window Covering

Our merry  builders packed us in plastic yesterday evening before they went home. They are doing things to the surfaces of our newly insulated styroform packed building which results in dust, dirt and white shavings dropping down to us, being on the ground floor.

Centre Pompidou front view

I took this photo of Centre Pompidou in Paris in 1990 and now our building does have a slight resemblance: perhaps not so artistic and we do not get crowds of sightseers and tourists.

And now to move on, but at least I have made a beginning today. Have fun and if I disappear today it is because I am not my bubbling self today.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I went to my family doctor yesterday. I asked him how come I managed to put on ten extra pounds AND got on a rigid two month diet … and not lose a single pound.

    He looked at me, sadly and said: “You got old.”

    It was not what I wanted to hear. I really know exactly how you feel. I wish I didn’t.


  2. Housework is vastly overrated. Pat. My mother used to chuckle over one of those really twee sayings that were around many years ago – ‘A little sweet disorder lends charm to the home’ – and I have embraced it and let my standards slip in my old age!

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    • I have a little routine which works fine with me because it means I don’t have to do thorough cleaning as it is all done regularly. I have MS and it now has another meaning for me as it proves I can still do it.


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