Daily Prompt: Enamoured by the unknown

Renovation 26.08 (2)

And yet again I have been enamoured by an unknown “liker” in WordPress. Of course I like to be liked, but when the first contact includes a link to their site with the request to follow it, then I am not so likeable. I can even get ruthless and throw all the “well meant” endeavours for contact into my trash bin. When the site in question decides to follow you wherever you go, there is no escape: at least I have not yet found it. However there is no damage done and as long I can cancel and throw it all into the trash or whaever, it can disappear for unknown time.

I am used to having legs and feet walking in front of my window, with no heads or body parts since the builders arrived: sometimes they even bring their own broom with them. They do not ask me to like them or make one word comments on my windows, they do the job they are paid for. We are also not enamoured in each other, at least not that I know. Where I am a Mr. Swiss is not far behind, so the enamouring stays within borders.

I have a complete collection of good looking American service men, some even in officers uniform, that want to be my friends in Facebook. Mr. Swiss gets rather jealous, as the only contact request he once received was a full boosomed lady from somewhere in Sweden with the name of Britta wanting to be his friend. We had a discussion and I think that was when he actually decided to leave Facebook forever. I naturally refused friendship with the strapping young military men dressed in tight t-shirts with their wonderful crew cuts. They were not my type. Last week a Romanian with a name I have already forgotten suddenly appeared with a need for friendship. I checked and discovered we had nothing in common, so yet another broken heart joins the others.

The only reason I am in Twitter is to cross post from Word Press and one day perhaps an American president might discover me and ask for advice, although he is too busy taking his own advice.

Daily Prompt: Enamoured by the Unknow

27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Enamoured by the unknown

  1. When I say, “Well said,” I mean your post re/ Facebook requests and “likes” with solicitations attached. If you check, most of those young servicemen are purloined accounts. So your virtue is doubly rewarded.

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    • I once read an anecdote about a lady that fell for the serviceman spam. He was not a serviceman, and just wanted to get money out of her. She saw through it all, but it is all a spam, nothing genuine. And anyhow I am 70 years old, been married to the same man for almost 50 years, and I do not intend to start all over again, far to exhausting.


  2. Your post today brought up some questions I have been thinking about: Number 1: I hate, hate, hate getting those requests for “friends” on Facebook. I have tried, tried, tried to find a button to turn it off and there is not one. Like Mr Swiss, I have thought of leaving Facebook. Number 2: I wonder if some people on WordPress have a way to just “like” a bunch of blogs, hoping to get people to theirs??? I carefully read the few blogs I do subscribe to. I do “like” them to let the people know I read them. Usually, I make a comment when the blog hits a nerve in me. I find WordPress rather scary because of the situation you described in your first paragraph. I have considered cancelling out of it. Both Facebook and WordPress have introduced me to fascinating worlds I would not have known about, so I will continue despite the drawbacks.

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    • I don’t really take it seriously, one of the advantages of the new phrase “fake news” because that is what it is. It doesn’t really bother me, I see the funny side of it all. If you have a computer then it is a sideline that you have to make do with. The moment you press a like or even look at something, it is registered somewhere and so are you. The more you feed into the computer the more someone somewhere discovers you might be a likely victim, it is all part of the game. Either no computer and no problems, or a computer with all its problems and also the nicer side. I can live with it, and i can always have a rant somewhere on a social site. Just clear your browser, have a couple of useful programmes and what could possible happen? (we hope)


    • Yes, a lot of people will “like” you but they obviously haven’t even read your posts. I get a lot of these from very young kids who don’t seem to “get” that there’s more to blogging than getting a lot of “likes.” They’ve spent too long on Facebook, I think. I “spam” them. Some of them ARE spam. I never respond to anyone who drops their address in a one line note to me.

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  3. You get much better “friend” requests than I do. I mostly get companies that want to promote “my business” or “win me tens of thousands more followers” — after reading their book or taking their courses. I haven’t had a hunky guy stop by in a LONG time 🙂

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  4. I don’t know, Pat. The POTUS is losing ‘friends’ left and right. Keep that Twitter account open. He might need to ask you for advice. Oh, wouldn’t that just make your day? Yes, it would be yuge! Tremendous.

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  5. I think you all are great. You have achieved a lot in this life and still are dynamic leaders. I was very much impressed with your blog which is full of truthfulness. I am a new blogger from India hope you will guide me with your valuable experiences.

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    • For me it is just fun, I enjoy blogging. I am sure you will make your own experiences on the way. Blogging for me is a learning by doing experience. Just persevere and I am sure you will find your way. Wish you luck.

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