Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (36)

Mr. Swiss took the scenic route home from the supermarket yesterday morning so I had a different choice of photos to take. He drives and I sit next to him with the camera snapping on my way. Of course, I am getting same places and same subjects most of the time, but now and again something completely different appears. The problem with taking photos from the car is that you have to be quick. Mr. Swiss does not wait for the camera, although our speed limits through villages are mainly restricted to onl 30 kph which reduces the blurred effect on the photos. Nearly all villages in Switzerland have their own local church, be it catholic or Swiss reform, according to where you live. We are in a catholic Kanton so there is a cross on the spire.

There is also a problem of sometimes getting a corner of the car window frame in the photo and of course having clean car windows. I drive now and again, but not so often. There is always someone who knows how to do it better and I do not enjoy driving. The idea is that I do not forget how to drive, but I have noticed that I do remember where the pedals are and we have an automatic car in any case. I don’t need my left foot, which is the one that doesn’t work so well with me in any case. Yesterday I arrived home with 60 photos on the camera and I wonder where they come from.

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (30)

Sometimes your get a quick peep at one of the villages on the way through the trees. That is when I have to be quick with the camera before Mr. Swiss is already on the way to the next part of the journey. It is always interesting if a tractor or other road machine crosses the path, which gives something completely different for a photo.

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (28)

We even drive past a banana plantation on the way. This is a strange event, but every summer the caretaker of the appartment block prepares the soil and in late Spring plants his bananas in the ground. I do not know if he has ever had a banana harvest, or where he keeps the bananas during the Winter. They are probably in his cellar somewhere. We even have people here that have plants that you can smoke and are often forbidden. but these are usually hidden from view.

Today we are not going anywhere, it is my bathroom cleaning day so I have other things to do. Enjoy the day and keep blogging, so I have something to read in between. I will leave you with one of our normal street scenes where repairs are made to the road but no-one really knows why. I think here someone was cleaning the gully at the side of the road.

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (3)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The banana planter won’t have any bananas. They take a long time to manifest themselves – I know because I have some banana plants in my veranda (conservatory, winter garden, etc…. – in France they call it a ‘serre’ = greenhouse, which it def isn’t). They are limited in their growth by the hight of the verana, approx. 3.50m and already 3 times they were forming bunches of tiny bananas which never came to anything. We have really hot weather, very often and the bees & other flying friends luuuurve the scented petals of the inner flowers, but that’s all there is to say. So you must continue to buy your bananas locally 🙂
    Street cleaning the Swiss way! BRAVO – we get some ppl for the cleaning of the curbs too here but they never think of doing the bit around our entry gate because nobody tells them that it’s on the common grounds and not our private piece of land…. We then go and rip out the weeds, clean up the place and swear silently for about 3’…. OUr town is very ‘green’ for France; every product such as round-up is strictly forbidden and the cleaning is happening with a little gas burner. Not terribly efficient but better for the nature.
    I really start liking the Canton of Solothurn thanks to your photos!!!!!

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    • These bananas are in a neighbouring village. One of our next door neighbours did have a banana plant in a pot outside, but it never had bananas and we didn’t really expect to. He moved and took the plant with him, but it still has not grown a banana. Our climate is not really banana climate.
      I have a collection of photos with road cleaning machines, seem to collect them on my travels. I think they have a machine for every purpose in Switzerland.


  2. Garry also doesn’t wait for pictures … unless I yell at him and then he sighs deeply because I am ruining his drive home. He will occasionally pause briefly. But once he’s behind the wheel, he does not wish to be disturbed by “other things.”

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    • Now and again someone gets grumpy about having the vision blocked, otherwise I just have to hope that he hits a crossing or red light to be able to shoot a clear picture. Nothing more annoying when you have a tree in the middle of a good shot.

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