Daily Prompt: Rhyme Time

Window Covering

I really don’t have time
to begin to write a rhyme
I am feeling very swamped
I wanted to write a prompt

And then it began to get dark
Now this was not a lark
There was a man in front of my window
He was making quite a show

There was scraping noise galore
I was getting more and more
My words fall  in a fog
There are shapes outside that clog

They are coming to take me away
for my blogs I have to pay
I think he has a knife
Might want to take a life

But now he had to leave
Oh help I cannot breath
Tomorrow it will be well
If I live the story to tell

The ghosts are very mean
They don’t want me to be seen
Oh this is a stupid verse
And I know it is getting worse

I am worried, they are stealing my air
They really do not care
However I am not yet dead,
But now I must go to bed

Window cover
Daily Prompt: Rhyme Time

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