Mundane Monday Challenge: #124 The Crane

Road to Langendorf 26.08 (5)

It is building time in Switzerland. You cannot build in Winter because it it too cold and everything is covered with snow, so most of it has to be done during the Summer. No matter where we go we see a crane on the way and if you have the camera with you it is always a good opportunity for a photo. This crane was seen on the way to the store. The buildings have been demolished and now the new ones are being built. Astonishingly you no longer see people driving the cranes, it is all done by remote control. The wires behind the crane belong to the local railway. It is not a black and white photo, it just came out that way.

Mundane Monday: #124 The Crane

6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge: #124 The Crane

    • This is not our crane, but a crane now installed to build a complete new settlement. They demolished the old buildings, where actually Mr. Swiss lived 50 years ago, and now a new development is being built. There will be grass, and flowers, and above all new expensive appartments if you can afford them. This is a new project and there will be a few more cranes arriving before they even begin. They are now only thinking about digging the foundations. It if next to our supermarket. Our crane was only a temporary lifting job and disappeared after a couple of hours.


  1. Those cranes are visible from a long way off as is the case locally where our major shopping mall is being rebuilt and the work has been going on for some years now. But the cranes are visible from a long way off.

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