Good Morning


Half a year ago this was a wonderful place to relax outside on the sunny days. Even on the rainy days you could sit outside, as you were protected. We had a large table to seat six people, although it was generally just Mr. Swiss and I, the cat, and perhaps No. 1 son for meals. We were surrounded by trees and a lawn and flowers and now and again a neighbour would wave and the world was how it should be.

Today our outside place has been turned into a wilderness. The floor is covered in plastic, which is generally a collection place for all sorts of strange objects. At the edges the tiles have been removed and we are left with the bare underground of earth and dirt. The workman told be proudly this morning that they actually cleared it up before they left for the week-end. It was true, it was a cleaner mess than usual. In between this new arrangement we have a small table where you might be able to drink a coffee if the cup is not too big. Our garden refuse bin is now part of the surroundings as there is no room for it in another place. We even have a sun bed in the corner for relaxing sessions, although how do you relax surrounding by builders and the sound of machines.

This is Monday morning and I asked one of the chief builders what they planned for today. He seemed quite proud to have an opportunity to tell me about it. Today they will finish the bottom edges to the walls with steel plating as at the moment it is just some sort of paper protection. They will be fixing nets to the walls with their magical pasting material and they we will be left in peace – until they begin to grind all the surfaces. He added it could cause some mess and perhaps it would be a good idea to keep the windows closed. Luckily this morning we are on a shopping safari.

How I long for the good old days when life was normal and we were not imprisoned by a steel scaffolding. Nearly all my photos have a steel frame. One day in a far distant future it will be finished and life will be back to normal. In the meanwhile we are left with our hopes. I even noticed a new machine in the neighbour’s garden this morning, but do not know its purpose, and honestly speaking I do not want to know.


This machine is now making a noise, but life goes on.

And now to do something more useful like a walk with a vacuum cleaner, at least I can switch it off when I want to. Have a nice day and beware of builders, they are a threat to your quiet lives.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • That stands written in the contract, but how it works in reality no-one knows. Our main problem is the garden lawn because that is now beyond repair and we have wires beneath for our Mowey, so digging around for a new lawn is not such a good idea – but, not my problem, I hope.


  1. This too shall pass, you will have a new and improved patio to sit and relax on while enjoying your beautiful landscape. I hope you can continue to take your walks into the village and up the mountain slopes too.

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    • After the work is finished our patio will be the same as before. We are not paying extra for anything new. We just want our old comforts again. Unfortunately I am no longer able to go on long walks due to my MS, but I can still get out and about.


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