Daily Prompt: Magnetism

The only magnets we have at home are those we use to pin our post cards to the kitchen door entrance, because it is made of metal. No. 1 son has been going to Italy for his holidays for many years and he always sends us a postcard. He also brings objects which attach themselves to the metal. The third magnet from the top is Bern, which I bought once on an excursion, otherwise no magnetic facts of life here.

Was it a magnetic attraction between Mr. Swiss and myself? No, not really, although something must have been hovering somewhere.  I was working at the time on one of those new office machines which had magnetic bands. The machine had its own separate room and Mr. Swiss would often visit me there to dictate his english letters. It might have been the magnetic charges in the air that brought us closer. Basically you do not need an hour to dictate a letter, but Mr. Swiss seemed to need so much time. He was attached by a magnetic strength which was probably radiating from the machine.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (24)

The machines were new and we were few that knew how they worked. I had it all under my control. I knew which programme to use. As soon as he entered the room I inserted a new magnetic band into the machine and pressed the master switch and the band would begin to spin. I also had a second compartment for using two bands at the same time: better be safe than sorry.  He was stuck, had no chance to escape and that was 48 years ago. We are still revolving in circles around each other by mutual magnetic attraction. Today we both have computers and iPads and the magnetism is no longer necessary. We are infected and there is no escape.

OK, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Daily Prompt: Magnetism

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Magnetism

    • I saw the machine at a local exhibiton about scientific developments and took a photo. I have no idea what it is, but it fitted my blog. The time has gone so quickly, although we still look the same as the day we met – at least we think so.

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    • A Swiss company (the one where I met Mr. Swiss) Scintilla, developed the Vertex Magneto which Lindbergh used in his Spirit of St. Louis and was a safety addition to the aircraft motors in the day. I remember we had one in a showcase in the company, it was the pride of the company. I am an X-woman, you should see me after I make my injection, fighting fit and ready to go (a long as I have my cane with me) 🙂

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