One Word Photo Challenge: Island

Weissenstein 23.08 (44)

We have an island in our local River Aar in Switzerland. I was up on the local mountain last week and took a few photos of the river from the top. You can see the island at the curve of the river. The island does not have a name, it does not need one, because it is the only island in our stretch of the river. It is farming land and the only inhabitants on the island is the farmer and his family with his herd of cows. You can visit the island, he picks you up with his boat and when you have arrived on the island you can take a walk or go for a swim in the river. Even the cows go for trips on the boat if necessary.

One Word Photo Challenge: Island

5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Island

  1. Pat, what a coincidence. Back from Paris with two absolutely new impressions and impressed I was, once positively so and the first one in a negative way (which made me reply to this post).
    I spoke to a normally very well informed and intelligent young woman from Africa. We brought greetings from our holidays in Devon, she then wanted to know where that was and I explained that it was in the SW of England and that we were withn 5′ on foot from the sea….. The sea? England has the sea???? I thought she was joking but no, she never knew that UK is an island!!! I couldn’t believe it.
    Then, later on, at lunch in a nice little restaurant, we were sitting next to a visitor from Kazakhstan. She wondered where we came from and when we said we were living in the Paris region but originally came from Switzerland, I didn’t for one second think she even knew our country. Not only that, but she knew that we had 3 official languages. We talked for a while (I wanted to help her and her friend with the menu, she not only spoke Russian and her ‘local’ language but English and German….). Turns out she knew a heck of a lot about CH when I, many many moons earlier and living in Toronto, had to explain over and over that no, CH wasn’t Sweden and no, although I was blond, I still wasn’t Swedish….
    Life is full of surprises. I didn’t know about ‘that’ island! It looks wonderful. Wishing you a happy new week.

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