Daily Prompt: Homage? No I don’t think so

Five ages of man, Wyss Garden Centre, Zuchwil

The seven ages of “man”. I did not ask to be here, but I am, all a result of a biologial process, so I get on with it. I am probably now No. 5 or 6 from the right, not quite No. 7 but it will not be long. If I crawl on my knees now I cannot rise without help. Actually I am probably No. 6 because I have a walking stick, although No. 5 could also be me in the supermarket where I  cling onto the shopping trolley for deal life: not for carrying shopping, but more for carrying me. I am really too busy with my own problems to pay homage to others who are brave, become personalities and do good. Of course I clap at a concert of music I like or recommend a book from one of those great authors, but I am not paying homage. I am just enjoying a few perks in my life – there are not many.

Sorry to be so dismal on this theme, but homage is paid to those that achieve their greatness through their reputations of being good, great and worth it all. Who tells us that they are great – the newspapers, the television – the public media, but I am no longer so sure it is real. Even the president of the United States tells me constantly it is all fake news, and he should know.

Looking around at the state of this world, I see nothing very much to pay homage to. So I will continue writing my daily blogs as I have nothing better to do. Hey I even get likes and comments, now what could be better. Who needs homage when you live and your colleagues say “Hi, good to see you today same place same time”.  One day I will crawl towards the brink of the lake, but I will still be able to write on the keyboard and switch on the computer. And if not, don’t pay me homage, just carry on as usual.

Daily Prompt: Homage? No I don’t think so

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